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Ulthera: For Naturally Younger Looking Skin


Age is definitely an enemy to your skin. As you age, your skin starts to loosen. That’s why many people can predict the age of someone just by looking at him or her. The problem is that you cannot control age. As days come and go, you continue to age. With time, you find yourself in a state where you don’t like your skin very much. Ulthera technology aims to make your skin look younger and tighter. This is a […]

WhataDu Has Officially Relaunched


WhataDu, a popular foodie blog, is getting comfortable with its new shortened name, from LearnWhataDu, and has completely revamped its design to welcome the launch. The change is good – great even! The website has a playful, yet simple design. Further, the company has categorized and reorganized the structure of the site to make things even more appealing and user-friendly. The clutter-free template also features vibrant photos and videos for its content, and the mobile design arranges the full site […]

Detoxing at PhuketFit Retreat in Thailand

PhuketFit resort

With all of the different environmental contaminates that we are exposed to in the modern world it is important that we take the time to detox. Today’s world is also fast paced and it tends to pull you in to that fast paced mindset and our bodies are not made for that. When we encounter a fast paced environment our bodies tend to get stressed out. We need to relieve the stress that has built up in us. What better […]

9 Ways to Eat Healthily Without Harming Your Teeth


Many of us are aware that healthy eating has benefits for our body and mind, but have you ever stopped to think about how your diet impacts your teeth and gums? The foods you eat have a significant impact on your oral and general health; here are 9 ways to eat healthily without harming your teeth, as recommended by The Frederick Dental Clinic: 1. Read food labels: even some of the most innocent looking foods can harbour hidden sugars and […]

Where To Purchase The Best Whey Protein For Men

whey protein

Anyone that is in the market for the best whey protein for men will need to make sure they are going through the varying options out there before buying into anything. It’s hard to get the best product on your first try, but if you’re willing to keep looking around and doing your research it’s going to work out well for you. The fact is that this shouldn’t be too tough for you to work with once you are done […]

Adult board game – XXXopoly

Last Friday I played a drinking board game with my friends called Drinkopoly. You’ve probably heard of monopoly, popular board game. Drinkopoly is a bit more fun, or it only seems so because you drink alcohol while you play. Anyhow, I searched on the Internet if there is an English version of this game, but apparently it is only available in Croatian. But what I’ve found is another board game just for adults, which looks like it might be fun […]

Best Tips on How to Attract a Guy

attract a guy

There’s a famous book called “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus.” This book compares the grossly contrasting personalities of men and women. Though it sounds like it is complicated, attracting a guy isn’t it? In fact, all men are wired similarly. Here are a few tips on how to attract a guy by My Love Catch. Looks Though we all like to believe otherwise, men want women who look good and behave elegantly. Women have many expectations, […]

PhuketFit – Weight Loss Program in Phuket Reviewed


Many people who make the decision to lose weight are faced with some difficult decisions. Which gym should they go to? What kind of fitness regime should they be on? Sometimes people are a bit too embarrassed or lack the push to make the change to their lifestyle. But places like PhukeFit are the saviors of people like this. PhukeFit uses a huge amount of different techniques to help whoever comes in. Their philosophy is all centered on the members. […]