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September, 2010:

Glow in dark condoms

If you’ve seen my list of funny condom commercials, you’ve probably noticed the commercial for Glow in the dark condoms. I’ve never tried them but I can imagine how they would be fun to try. I mean you can practice safe sex, have fun and save electricity at the same time. 🙂 Glow in the dark condoms could spice up your sexy time. And I can see how they could be practical for camping, for some fun in the tends, […]

JK Rowling speech-The Fringe benefits of failure

Two years ago, J.K. Rowling got an opportunity to deliver her Commencement Address at the Annual Meeting of the Harvard Alumni Association. Title of her speech was: “The Fringe Benefits of Failure, and the Importance of Imagination”. I would highly recommend you to hear her speech, it is humorous, inspirational and filled with bits of wisdom. She talks about how she failed big time in the early part of her life. Although she was a huge failure she learned a […]

If you never failed you’ve never lived motivational video

Here is another great motivational video with the subject of failing and taking a risk. Everyone meets failure in life. The sad thing is that we sometimes take our failure too personal, identifying ourselves with it. Although a little break after a failure is good to recharge our batteries, to absorb and learn the lesson, we shouldn’t quit. Don’t feel bad if you didn’t get the results that you’ve wanted. Remember one of the fundamental teachings of NLP – There […]

8 funniest condom commercials

I’ve recently done the hard task (not really that hard when you’re sick and lying in bed with your laptop) of watching almost all funny commercials I could find on youtube. One portion of those funny commercials are condom commercials as they usually tend to be humorous and provocative. I guess that’s why a lot of those commercial get banned. Anyhow, today I bring you the list of the 8 best (funniest) condom commercials. Enjoy!   8 ) Durex twins […]

Importance of teamwork – does your team have what it takes?

Do you have a team? Either in business or in sport, teamwork is a key factor in achieving success and obtaining team goals. The movie and book, Pulling Together, shows how can integration and consistent application of 10 rules of high performance teamwork generate respect, unity, trust and power within any team. The author takes the teamwork action of a flock of geese flying as an perfect example of successful teamwork. As geese flap their wings, they create an uplift […]

Advantages Of Having A Personal Trainer

It is difficult to acquire the shape you want unless you have a personal trainer who will guide you along the way. Achieving the physique we crave isn’t as simple as many folks assume it is. To figure out your body type and its specific needs requires expertise and experience.

Overcome Procrastination By Simplifying Things

Shall I inform you of an easy technique to overcome laziness and procrastination? All of us procrastinate from time and time and put off important work. Most of the times, this procrastination is due to the fact that we feel the work is too difficult, boring or time consuming. So we try to avoid it as much as we possibly can.

Motivational Video – Overcoming Adversity

Here is an absolutely fabulous video by Dustin Hughes. I’m sure you gonna love it! Description by Dustin: A video that I was inspired to create after stumbling across this song on itunes. Check out or look me up on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. I hope to create additional videos as ispiration strikes. This is your life…LIVE YOUR DREAMS!