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November, 2010:

Michael Jordan in Nike AD – Become Legendary

I really like those Nike commercials with Michael Jordan. It really is inspiring listening to these powerful words from one of the greatest basketball players, Michael Air Jordan. Here is the video and below is the transcript of the ‘It’s not about the shoes’ Nike AD: It’s not about the shoes It’s about knowing where you’re going not forgetting where you’ve started It’s about having the courage to fail Not breaking when you’re broken taking everything you’ve been given and […]

Social Strategies review

Social strategies

Product: Social strategies Year of release: 2007 Author: Jon Mercer Visit official website: Rating: Learning to be outgoing, proactive and social can be hard for introverted or shy people. But, as everything can be learned, you can also overcome your social phobia and develop an outgoing, friendly personality. Social strategies is a program developed by Jon Mercer (author of the Easy calm program), which promises to help you in your endeavors of improving your social skills. We talked about Jon […]

Wisdom of Wolves-Leadership Lessons from Nature

“For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.” ~Rudyard Kipling This quote by Rudyard Kipling may have been an inspiration to Twyman Towery, author of the Wisdom of Wolves – Leadership Lessions from Nature. Twyman spent years researching the nature of wolves, and discovering that there are som powerful leadership lessons which humans could learn from these amazing creatures of the wild. In result he wrote an excellent book that […]

Easy Calm Anxiety Treatment review

Easy Calm Review

Author Jon Mercer Official website: Year of release: 2007 Rating: Easy calm is a system developed by Jon Mercer for eliminating anxiety and panic attacks from your life. About the author: Jon Mercer is a personal development coach and a teacher, working with people who suffer from social anxiety or panic attacks. His system is developed from his first-hand knowledge and personal experience. At the age of 14 he started experiencing social anxiety, agoraphobia and panic attacks. He felt […]

Money beyond belief review

Money beyond belief site

Product by: Brad Yates and Joe Vitale Official website:

Confidence beyond belief review

Confidence Beyond Belief Tapping Teleseminar

Created by: Steve G. Jones and Brad Yates Official website: