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March, 2011:

Ironmaster Super Bench review

Ironmaster Super Bench Adjustable weight-lifting Bench

Item: Ironmaster Super Bench – adjustable weight-lifting Bench Manufacturer: Ironmaster Price: $289.00 Your ratings: Click to check out this product Ironmaster adjustable weight-lifting Bench overview If you plan to set up a home or basement gym, bench is a must have piece of equipment. It is important that it is solid, durable, stable and that it can take more than 600 pounds of weight. Adjustable benches are regularly somewhat pricier but they will allow you to perform few more exercises, […]

Richest man in town review

Click to watch Richest man in town

Author: V.J. Smith Pages: 96 Bonus: DVD movie Your ratings: Watch free movie here Richest man in town by V.J. Smith overview Richest man in town is a simple and true story about a simple man. Author V.J. Smith looked for inspiration in great historic leaders who changed the course of history. He wanted to find out what made their lives great. Yet he find his inspiration in Marty, simple man who ran a cash register in the Wal-Mart shop […]

Change is good…You go first

Change is good you go first

Authors: Mac Anderson & Tom Feltenstein Number of pages: 110 pages Bonus: FREE DVD Movie Your rating: View short DVD movie about this book Change is good…You go first overview It may be easy to make a decision that you should change. But getting people to commit to this idea is far more difficult. Change is good… You go first is a book by best selling author Mac Anderson and marketing consultant Tom Feltenstein which will show you how to […]

The Ultimate Anti-Carrer Guide by Rick Jarow

The Ultimate Anti-Career Guide: The Inner Path to Finding Your Work in the World

I started listening to this audio book by Rick Jarow few days ago and I’m already half way through. The audio book is very engaging and I had several “aha moments”. If you wondering if you’re on the wrong track with your career I’m pretty sure this book will intrigue you, make you question your position and rethink about your job and your choices. Rick Jarow has a very interesting biography. Quickly after getting into Harvard he left the University […]

Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym Review

If you’re looking for a home gym, but you’re limited with space and/or budget, Bowflex might be a good option for you. Read the facts below before you decide. To find the best price click here. Bowflex PR1000 Home Facts list Product name: Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym Company name: Bowflex Latest price: $548.54 on Amazon Dimensions: 81” H x 64” L x 41” W Weight resistance: 210 lb (95 kg), not upgradeable Exercises: 35 strength exercises covered plus aerobic rowing […]