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April, 2011:

Some of the Causes of Panic Attacks

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If you are looking for the causes of panic attacks, you will quickly learn that the medical professionals are trying to figure out the same thing. Piecing together the different processes and mechanisms is a continual process. Documentation of causes has occurred as well as a vast body of knowledge acquired on the subject of panic attack symptoms. The whole story, though, can not be contained in a single word like “causes” which can actually be misleading. There are many […]

Ironmaster Adjustable Dumbbell System Review

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Product: Ironmaster 75 lb Quick Lock Adjustable Dumbbell System Manufacturer: Ironmaster Price: $535.00 Ratings: Click to visit Amazon I’ve recently wrote about the quality adjustable bench from the Ironmaster and today I want to present you with another excellent product from the same producer which will greatly complement the Ironmaster Super Bench but can also be used without it. Among many adjustable dumbbells that are being sold this one gets the best customer ratings (5 star rating on Amazon from […]

How to form a habit

I’ve just read a one page document by Leo Babauta from titled 9 rules to form a habit. And guess what – I really liked his take on this and I decided to try this and form a new habit. One of the rules he points out is to commit publicly. He suggests that one should write about the habit he likes to form on a forum, blog, social network etc. So that’s exactly what I’m doing right now […]

Walk the talk by Eric Harvey & Steve Ventura

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Authors: Eric Harvey and Steve ventura Pages: 112 Bonus: DVD movie Your ratings: Click here to watch Walk the talk movie Walk the talk overview Walk the talk is a leadership development book which promotes a culture of integrity in your company or organization. It is packed with nuggets of wisdom for just about any person, or any corporation, which will make sure your values are in line with your dreams. Having values is important, but it is even more […]