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May, 2011:

How to get over a break up


How to get over a break up? This is one of those questions which tortured each of us, at least once in our lives. After countless articles and books on this topic, sometimes it still seems that the best way is to let the time heels your emotional wounds. Grief is a process that you have to let it happen at its own pace. In most cases we cannot speed up this and there is no „normal“ ot prescribed length […]

Tenga Eggs – my experience and review

This year I got an interesting birthday gift – Tenga Egg. When I first saw it I thought “What the hell is this??”. Then, when they explained me that it’s a super-duper masturbator I was kind of skeptical that this will make some magic because it looks so small and innocent. I mean, it’s just an egg. Well, boy was I wrong. What I wasn’t aware is that this egg is made from high quality, ultra soft silicone, which can […]

Does Linden method really work – Linden method review

Linden method

Today I’m gonna take a closer look at the popular Anxiety and Panic Attack Elimination program called The Linden Method. Author: Charles Linden Price: $99 (download -instant access) or $177 (printed -incl delivery) Website: Your ratings: Linden Method review Linden method is very popular method for eliminating anxiety and panic attacks, that’s why I wanted to find out more about it and see how it compares to Easy calm or Panic away programs. There are a lot of positive […]