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December, 2012:

How Gifts Help You To Establish A New Relationship

Christmas gifts

Whether you’re establishing a love relationship or a relationship with a new stepchild, gifts always have a major role to play. A gift can help you build and establish trust – the very act of giving indicates that you want to please and soothe the other person. You don’t have to spend a bomb to use gifts when you’re establishing a new relationship – just the occasional, thoughtful bit here and there will do. Use Gifts To Show You Listen […]

How to stop thinking negatively

In life we endure our fair share of good times and bad times.When the good time come around everything is fine an dandy.When the bad times or bad things come around we are hard wired to think negatively almost all the time. Today I will help you make a breakthrough mentally so you can be prepared for when negative thoughts come around. 5 tips to stop thinking negatively Meditate-Okay I know some might get angry and say meditation is stupid […]

Making the perfect invitations

Ready for the big day and you want it to go perfectly? The secret is definitely in a good organization, but also how to pay attention to details, because that makes a perfect wedding. One of these small things you have to pay attention to is making wedding invitations. To make your invitations original and imaginative follow some of the following tips: – Instead of using standard templates for invitations, use your creativity and write a personal template. That invitation […]