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February, 2015:

Importance of keeping a journal – and reviewing it

This is something that was talked about over and over again, by so many life coaches and motivational speakers. I can remember that Jim Rohn really emphasizes this simple yet powerful little tool in his courses and speeches. As Jim says: a life worth living is a life worth recording. When I say a journal, I don’t think of writing all the boring stuff you’ve been doing that day and with whom, but recording interesting, inspiring ideas, taking notes from […]

Appreciation and gratitude

First article I wanted to write on my site is about appreciation. The reason why is because I’m pretty certain that without firstly appreciating all the things, circumstances and people in your life, you can’t develop a positive attitude which is necessary for growth. No matter how dim or sad or discouraging your circumstances may look to you now, you should always try finding their positive aspect and express your gratefulness for them. We all had our ups and downs […]