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Dating and Relationships

Best Tips on How to Attract a Guy

attract a guy

There’s a famous book called “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus.” This book compares the grossly contrasting personalities of men and women. Though it sounds like it is complicated, attracting a guy isn’t it? In fact, all men are wired similarly. Here are a few tips on how to attract a guy by My Love Catch. Looks Though we all like to believe otherwise, men want women who look good and behave elegantly. Women have many expectations, […]

How to make your marriage thrive


It is easy to start relationship but difficult to maintain the infatuation and love after several years together. A lot of couples struggle to keep their love alive. The flame of their love gradually vanish and they become habitual and dull in expressing the love and passionate feelings. Couples who can keep their loving feelings can enjoy a happy life. They laugh together, sit and talk for hours, make plans of the future and seek out other’s company. The secrete […]

How to spice up your marriage?

Most of the people have a common complaint that after having kids, the romance in their life is lost. Much of the time is spent with the kids due to which the couple does not have time for one another. This not only brings down the affection but over the time their lives become boring. If you too are facing a similar problem, then it’s high time that you can try new ways to spice up your marriage so that […]

How Gifts Help You To Establish A New Relationship

Christmas gifts

Whether you’re establishing a love relationship or a relationship with a new stepchild, gifts always have a major role to play. A gift can help you build and establish trust – the very act of giving indicates that you want to please and soothe the other person. You don’t have to spend a bomb to use gifts when you’re establishing a new relationship – just the occasional, thoughtful bit here and there will do. Use Gifts To Show You Listen […]

Making the perfect invitations

Ready for the big day and you want it to go perfectly? The secret is definitely in a good organization, but also how to pay attention to details, because that makes a perfect wedding. One of these small things you have to pay attention to is making wedding invitations. To make your invitations original and imaginative follow some of the following tips: – Instead of using standard templates for invitations, use your creativity and write a personal template. That invitation […]

How to become a guy magnet by James Scott Review

Become a guy magnet ebook

The how to become a guy magnet ebook by James Scott is a down to earth and grounded ebook, that gives guidance on getting the man you want. It concentrates on the real issues that people face when trying to attract and pin down guys. Not the airy fairy nonsense that so many writers throw about. This book deals with some of the real issues that many people face as a barrier to pinning down guys. One of the main […]

Secrets of flirting with men by Mimi Tanner

secrets of flirting with men

Author: Mimi Tanner Website: Your rating: Secret for flirting with man manual is written to help woman that have trouble with approaching and communicating with men. To do that, women have to know how to flirt with men and that’s exactly why Mimi Tanner came up with the idea to help the women in need. This manual combines the vocabulary and body language that women should learn in order to achieve their goals with men through flirting. Due to […]

Dating to relating by Mr. L. Rx review

dating to relating book

In this dating to relating by Mr. L. Rx review, you’ll get some information to help you determine if this book is worth your time. Well, according to the reports this is one of the most effective and useful dating books out there. If you are not convinced that this might be the case then you can do a simple search online for a term like Mr L Rx and dating to relating review, you will be surprised to see […]