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What to Expect From Hiring the Right Life Coach


1. Redesign your life to maximize fulfillment. A life coach should be able to prioritize a client’s fulfillment at the top of the list. You ought to be fulfilled in all aspects of life- fun, chores, travel, relationships, and work. Therefore, when you gravitate towards life coaching, you expect the coach to aid you to create a soulfully fulfilling life you have always dreamt about. 2. Get clarity A Life Coach will help you explore options to discover what you […]

Have the relationship you want by Rori Raye review

Update: I wanted to hear a female perspective on Rori’s book. So I borrowed it to my friend Jasmine (she had some boyfriend issues, so I recommended her to read this book). Later, I kindly asked her to write me her quick and short review of Rori Raye’s book. Here are her thoughts: “Have The Relationship You Want is ‘good to read’ book for all the women that want to change their relationships, based on Rori Raye’s personal experiences. This […]

Change your words and change your reality

Watch out this short little film which illustrates how changing your words and stating your idea in a different way can radically effect your message and the outcome Words are powerful. Choose them wisely 🙂

Become Legendary Commercial – Maybe

Here is the third commercial for Nike with Michael Jordan, that I wanted to share with you. In this one he talks about excuses. What are yours? Check the transcript and the video. Maybe it’s my fault Maybe I led you to believe it was easy, when it wasn’t Maybe I made you think my highlights started at the free-throw line and not at the gym Maybe I made you think that every shot I took was a game winner […]

The Sedona method review

Sedona method audio course

Few years ago I stumbled upon the famous Sedona method, a method that promises to bring its followers inner peace and abundance. This method was mentioned on several forums I participated in, and its practitioners warmly recommended it, although they stated that it may not be for everyone. Its description didn’t give me much feeling about it. They described it as a method for achieving emotional freedom by welcoming our feelings or letting them go by asking ourselves several questions […]

Les Brown – Live Full, Die Empty – Motivational Training Video Preview

Les Brown Live full Die empty

For more information about the full length version of this program, please visit: Les Brown, a popular television personality has made marked as a writer and public speaker too. His way of communicating to the public has increased nationwide as he shares several insights in dealing with mediocrity and living with significance. He quotes his life as wonderful example on what he has learned that could be relevant to others also. This spokesperson can greatly make a huge impact […]

Never give up doing, but give up wanting

There are some common traps that many of us fall into while striving to achieve our goals. Some quit before any results happen and the other ones settle with less than they wanted. We can put both of these under a common denominator and that is “quitting too early”. How does that happen? It can be that we’ve had to high expectations. When one sees that he can’t achieve something easily, he blames the method, he blames the bad luck, […]

Importance of keeping a journal – and reviewing it

This is something that was talked about over and over again, by so many life coaches and motivational speakers. I can remember that Jim Rohn really emphasizes this simple yet powerful little tool in his courses and speeches. As Jim says: a life worth living is a life worth recording. When I say a journal, I don’t think of writing all the boring stuff you’ve been doing that day and with whom, but recording interesting, inspiring ideas, taking notes from […]