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Personal development

Importance of keeping a journal – and reviewing it

This is something that was talked about over and over again, by so many life coaches and motivational speakers. I can remember that Jim Rohn really emphasizes this simple yet powerful little tool in his courses and speeches. As Jim says: a life worth living is a life worth recording. When I say a journal, I don’t think of writing all the boring stuff you’ve been doing that day and with whom, but recording interesting, inspiring ideas, taking notes from […]

Appreciation and gratitude

First article I wanted to write on my site is about appreciation. The reason why is because I’m pretty certain that without firstly appreciating all the things, circumstances and people in your life, you can’t develop a positive attitude which is necessary for growth. No matter how dim or sad or discouraging your circumstances may look to you now, you should always try finding their positive aspect and express your gratefulness for them. We all had our ups and downs […]

How to think like a millionaire


There is an old saying that “Think like a millionaire, walk like a millionaire, talk like a millionaire and you never know one day, you might actually be a millionaire”. It is an universal truth that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Most of the rich people are not born with a golden spoon in their mouth. Most of them are also not wealthy by accident. The most undeniable fact is they set their thoughts and their […]

Ways to stop thinking negative thoughts

stop negative thoughts

Anybody who complains more than average will have a great deal of negative thoughts in their heads. Often, they have these contradictory thoughts, and are considered as moaners and complainers. Here’s how to stop this process from further developing. Thinking negatively can be addictive – just as addictive as nicotine, caffeine or eating junk food. Once you start, it’s difficult to stop, but not unrealistic. Here are two ways which you can use to stop yourself from developing this negative […]

Using self hypnosis to make positive changes in your life


There are numerous issues that can be solved through hypnosis these days. May it be overcoming shyness, quitting smoking or weight-loss; there are a lot of positive changes that hypnosis can bring to our life. For instance, if you are trying to lose extra weight, hypnosis is going to help you to eliminate blockages and thus accomplish your aim easier. However before trying to bring positive changes, hypnosis has to be performed properly. You should understand where the difficulty is […]

Mouad Gouzrou, portrait of a young gifted journalist

Simple, smiling, courteous and discreet, his age is an asset to his long journalistic career. Working firstly with some big names in the artistic webzine Nextline, the « son of the south of Morocco » is full of energy. His ardor and dynamism are highly appreciated, also some people do not hesitate a moment to ask him when they need his services. Mouad Gouzrou was born on 24 February 1993 in Marrakesh in southern Morocco. Always efficient and motivated in […]

How to stop thinking negatively

In life we endure our fair share of good times and bad times.When the good time come around everything is fine an dandy.When the bad times or bad things come around we are hard wired to think negatively almost all the time. Today I will help you make a breakthrough mentally so you can be prepared for when negative thoughts come around. 5 tips to stop thinking negatively Meditate-Okay I know some might get angry and say meditation is stupid […]

How to Get What You Want

How many times did you decide to pursue a specific goal only to find yourself few days later watching South Park instead of working on your tasks? If something similar happened to you in the past then you have to watch this brilliant presentation on the topic of achieving success. Basically, author explains that we have to keep in check 5 things when working on our goals and getting what we want. The first thing is that the goal has […]