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Condom sizes – choose the best size for you

different condom sizes

I’ve wrote about thick and thin condoms and how you should choose between them whether you want to increase or decrease the sensation. However, I think it’s far more important that you choose the best condom size, because that will increase the effectiveness of a condom. As you know, there are various condoms with all kinds of characteristics but still the major purposes of a condom are to save you from sexual transmitted diseases and also save your partner from […]

Adult board game – XXXopoly

Last Friday I played a drinking board game with my friends called Drinkopoly. You’ve probably heard of monopoly, popular board game. Drinkopoly is a bit more fun, or it only seems so because you drink alcohol while you play. Anyhow, I searched on the Internet if there is an English version of this game, but apparently it is only available in Croatian. But what I’ve found is another board game just for adults, which looks like it might be fun […]

Tenga Eggs – my experience and review

This year I got an interesting birthday gift – Tenga Egg. When I first saw it I thought “What the hell is this??”. Then, when they explained me that it’s a super-duper masturbator I was kind of skeptical that this will make some magic because it looks so small and innocent. I mean, it’s just an egg. Well, boy was I wrong. What I wasn’t aware is that this egg is made from high quality, ultra soft silicone, which can […]

Smaller condoms aka snugger fit condoms

Lifestyles Snugger Fit

I already wrote about the thin and thick condoms so I guess someone thought that I am some kind of condom expert and asked me if there are some kind of smaller or tighter condoms and which one would I recommend. Well, I did my research and here is what I have found out. Smaller condoms are tighter so they provide snugger fit, while still maintaining maximum safety and sensitivity. They are commonly referred to as snugger fit condoms. So, […]

How to talk dirty in bed

dirty talk handbook

Girls love dirty talk, in my experience. It can definitely add some sparks and tension in the bed. My inspiration for trying some dirty talk in bed were movies by the actor John Leslie. Those movies are old porn classics in which the main actor is very straightforward, unapologetic and upfront about his intentions. Apparently, John Leslie got a lot of admirers with his performance. His most notable roles were in the movies Talk dirty to me (1980) and Nothing […]