8 funniest condom commercials

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I’ve recently done the hard task (not really that hard when you’re sick and lying in bed with your laptop) of watching almost all funny commercials I could find on youtube. One portion of those funny commercials are condom commercials as they usually tend to be humorous and provocative. I guess that’s why a lot of those commercial get banned.

Anyhow, today I bring you the list of the 8 best (funniest) condom commercials. Enjoy!


8 ) Durex twins commercial from UK

Well, it looks like it’s fun to have a twin.


7) Tulipan condoms commercial

This one is from Portugal for Tulipan condoms – “pick whatever you want – but pick Tulipan condoms”


6) Trojan-enz condoms – always keep them in your car

I actually heard a joke that is the same as the plot of this commercial. I don’t know if the joke was the inspiration for the commercial or it’s the other way around.


5) My mom said I could

This kid had the best mom! 😉


4) Another Trojan condoms commercial

He thought he’s gone get lucky!


3) Banned Lifestyle Condom Ads – Get ready for more pleasure

This lady knows her priorities when choosing a real estate.

Well, I think it’s pretty obvious why this commercial is banned


2) Really creative excusses

“My balls are connected to a satelite and if I put rubber on it’ll muffle the sound.”

Btw, if you can relate to that guy, instead of finding excusses, try Sagami Original 😉


1) Four seasons condom commercial

It seems that glow in dark condoms comes handy when your are camping

If they only knew… 🙂



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