Anniversary Gifts: Celebrating Years Of Faithful Love

Dating and Relationships

Marriage brings about many tests for every individual who has taken that dive into a long lasting commitment that must be upheld for life. Anniversaries, no matter what year, are to simply celebrate the couple’s success in overcoming their challenges together. Anniversary gifts have been known to commemorate these years and can range from traditional to modern versions representing each year of shared love and heartaches by every married couple.

Anniversary gifts have moved from a traditional set of gifts to modern types of gifts, and both types still vary depending upon years of marriage. The first five years of the marriage are commemorated by traditional gifts made of paper, cotton, leather, fruit and flowers, and wood. The more modern alternative gifts replace these five sets with plastic, cotton and calico, crystal and glass, linen and silk, as well as silverware.

The second phase up to the tenth year finds gifts traditionally ranging from candy, copper and wool, bronze, pottery, and tin. These are then modernized by iron, brass, pottery, willow, and aluminum.

Eleventh to fifteenth year marks a celebration that has varied gifts ranging from traditional silk, lace, ivory, steel, and crystal. Modern alternatives are perfume or cologne, barometers, clocks, watches, and fine linen.

Twenty years of marriage marks a major milestone in their lives with fine china being both a traditional as well as modern practice in gift giving. An alternate gift would be the more expensive platinum that commemorates the solid relationship that has been developed.

Silver wedding anniversaries are well celebrated in the global community in many countries, and this is representative of twenty five years of partnership and love that a couple has shared. The fact that this is halfway up the ladder to the fifty year mark makes this occasion just as special, along with silver gifts that are both the traditional as well as modern versions.

As the years go by and the couple makes it to thirty years, it calls for another celebration with gifts of traditional and modern pearl. In the U. S., however, white diamonds are an alternative since this is the halfway mark towards the actual diamond year.

Marriage that has made it to forty years only shows that the passion has not waned between two people who have many reasons to celebrate this in style with the presence of the ruby. Considered to be at its peak, the relationship is well on its way to that fifty year mark, and the bond has grown tighter with trust as well as love.

Celebrated by a renewal of vows, the fiftieth year is well known the world over, being the big golden wedding anniversary that many couples rarely reach together. Because this type of anniversary is very special in the hearts of many, including children and grandchildren, it is celebrated heartily with gifts of gold.

As rare as the yellow diamond, the couple that celebrates their sixtieth wedding anniversary together is truly blessed. The traditional and modern merge once again in agreement that this year requires a celebration with yellow diamonds.

Finally, the seventy fifth year anniversary calls for gift combinations of gold and diamonds to show that the couple has gone way past the many challenges in their lives, and have reached the threshold of the vows that they exchanged seventy five years ago. These anniversary gifts can be passed on to the next generations as they are kept as heirlooms to treasure and remind all the couples of the next generation that, yes, the vows can be upheld to the letter, and they should always keep this in mind when reevaluating their relationships.

If you are looking for unique gift ideas, the Web is a great place to shop. You can find just the right anniversary gifts to make a hit with the happy couple.

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