Best Tips on How to Attract a Guy

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attract a guyThere’s a famous book called “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus.” This book compares the grossly contrasting personalities of men and women. Though it sounds like it is complicated, attracting a guy isn’t it? In fact, all men are wired similarly. Here are a few tips on how to attract a guy by My Love Catch.


Though we all like to believe otherwise, men want women who look good and behave elegantly. Women have many expectations, but for men, it boils down to looks and behavior, predominantly. You need to look and behave desirably, for him to desire you! It is that simple. Yes, it goes down to history and even in this modern world, holds true. You can learn more about body language, to understand how to behave to attract a guy.

Be a Good Friend, First

Only in movies, the “hero” spots the “heroine” and just knows she’s the soul mate and they instantly connect! In real life, it never works like that. You need to first know each other and after all, he can only decide if you are for him or not, if he knows you! Try and find a way to befriend him, you can probably find out his interests and hang around in similar places, or have a common friend introduce you, etc. But, do this right – you don’t want to ruin your chances before anything really starts!


It is important to understand men’s sexual hormone is Testosterone, which determines their manliness. Every real man will have a good level of the hormone and exhibit manly features. Haven’t you heard women telling, “He is a real man” in movies? Yes, that’s right! So, a real man will get attracted to a real woman. Sounds logical? Men look for feminine or girly women, who ooze feminine characteristics. Women with right curves and cute attributes are important for men. Not just dressing in pink, being “girly” is more than mere choice of outfits!

Common Ground

It is important to find a common ground to connect. Have you heard this – like poles repel and opposite poles attract? Likewise, in a relationship, you don’t need to necessarily have similar interests. But, you should be wiling to understand or discuss about his likes and dislikes! It is not only about YOU, but US in a relationship. While you might not like football, you should be able to discuss or at least listen to his ideas and probably watch a football match together! More often, men are just OK if you don’t bother them, when they have a match to watch;).

Dress Up

We have already made it VERY clear that looks are VERY important for men. If you want to attract the guy you like, you must be presentable and at your best, always. We don’t mean you need to splurge on makeup and look like a walking doll, just shower and wear a nice dress, spray some nice perfume and just a little makeup! Great, you are good to go!

Just follow these simple, age-old but working tips the next time you want to attract a guy!

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