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In this dating to relating by Mr. L. Rx review, you’ll get some information to help you determine if this book is worth your time. Well, according to the reports this is one of the most effective and useful dating books out there. If you are not convinced that this might be the case then you can do a simple search online for a term like Mr L Rx and dating to relating review, you will be surprised to see the information that you will get in the top results.
Of course, people should be careful with such random reviews like this one, because they are mostly very subjective, but reviews on can serve as a good indicator.
However, if you don’t want to risk your money, the best thing is to order this book through clickbank, and you’ll get a 60 days, no questions asked, full money back guarantee.

Dating to relating is a comprehensive guide for your success with women. Inside, you will get all the necessary tips and techniques. In case you are looking to find information that will give you intelligent understanding of females, then it’s here as well. Even though, you will get a few pick up lines and approaches, you will get more than just that. It’s is giving you comprehensive information about women and things that will work.
Although the book is focused on meeting women, there are also some parts that focus on how to develop the confidence, skills and experience needed for you to deal with your personal issues. Many other professionals will only give what was proven to be helpful for them and while these systems might be effective for them, other solutions will fall short of demonstrating how you can use it in your own situation.
One of the big differences with this book is the fact that you are getting situational techniques that can be tailored and modified for any man and can also give good feedback on majority of women. Therefore if you are planning to buy a book to improve your dating and love life, then you should get your hands on this book. Some men who would be considered as pick up artist have reported to discover things in this book that used to develop their own strategy.

Mr. L. Rx has a level of understanding which does good in delivering the basics, but he also explains and includes more advanced approaches. When you check out the website, you will see how he says that it would make more sense to multiple your dating ten times than just to double it, which is true (except if you’re starting from zero :)).
Basically, after reading and applying the dating to relating e-book you could end up with five times more women than you could even dream of getting in the past.

Wonder what others have to say about it? Here are a few reviews:

I’ve read David Deangelo, Mystery, Tiffany Taylor, Ross Jeffries, and Neil Strauss.
This was the absolute best of all of these authors by far.

– actual customer on

…it does indeed look like neither a proofreader or editor ever saw the text before it was published; numerous grammatical errors, typos and entire sections being duplicated make it look somewhat amateurish…

– actual customer on


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