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If you’ve seen my list of funny condom commercials, you’ve probably noticed the commercial for Glow in the dark condoms.

I’ve never tried them but I can imagine how they would be fun to try.
I mean you can practice safe sex, have fun and save electricity at the same time. 🙂

Glow in the dark condoms could spice up your sexy time.
And I can see how they could be practical for camping, for some fun in the tends, or for out-of-electricity situations.
I’m not certain, but I think that the condom glow won’t attract mosquitoes 🙂

I did a little research about them actually. These Glow in the dark condoms are made by adding phosphor and a radioactive material to the latex. Hm, ok, I admit that doesn’t sound very appealing. Radioactive material??
I’m not sure that anyone wants a radioactive material around their crotch.

Let’s see what else they say:
– to produce the glow, manufacturers use a non-toxic form of phosphorous pigment which is safe and approved by the FDA.
– The phosphor emits visible light when excited by the radioactive material, giving the condoms their usual greenish glow
– It is not recommended to use them orally, and it is important to dispose them quickly after use

Not something for every day, that’s for sure!

When it comes to specific brands, the Night Light Glow in the dark condoms were the first ones allowed by the FDA for disease and pregnancy prevention. They’re mad by Global Protection Corp. from Boston and they are considered as one of the best such condoms, at least to their own claims and some reviews I’ve read.

They market them as ‘World’s Only High-Quality Glow in the dark Condom.”

Anyhow, I think they would be fun to try for some special occasions but definitely not something to use constantly.

So, if you still want to add some light to your bedroom, or light up your way you can get your Night Light Glow in the Dark condoms at Undercover condoms.

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