How Gifts Help You To Establish A New Relationship

Dating and Relationships

Christmas giftsWhether you’re establishing a love relationship or a relationship with a new stepchild, gifts always have a major role to play. A gift can help you build and establish trust – the very act of giving indicates that you want to please and soothe the other person. You don’t have to spend a bomb to use gifts when you’re establishing a new relationship – just the occasional, thoughtful bit here and there will do.

Use Gifts To Show You Listen

Ask the person you’re bonding with about their families, pets, significant others and general stuff in their lives. Listen carefully to their input. Say, for example, that person describes how they’ve been desperately trying to buy something that’s not easily available for someone important. Here’s your chance to show that you listen, that the person is important to you. See if you can get hold of that item and make a gift of it to the person you’re bonding with. This is a sort of deal-cincher, something that’ll really smoothen your relationship with that person.

Use Gifts To Show You Like The Same Things

When your special one talks about a hobby or philosophy they’re passionate about, see if you like those hobbies too. If you do, it’s the perfect opportunity to make a joint event out of it. For example, if a man you’re seeing is crazy about soccer, buy him a superior brand soccer ball or even a signed soccer momento if you can afford to. It’s the kind of thing that’ll help you bond with your fellow, who’ll really appreciate the bonding thought behind your gesture.

Use Gifts To Commemorate Special Occasions

Many people offer gifts on birthdays and anniversaries. That’s nothing big. Go the extra mile and try to remember significant personal occasions that are special to that person. If you know the date, make sure you get a gift and offer it on the occasion. Who knows, he may or may not remember the day; but he will be extremely touched that you did, and that you realize how important that achievement is to him.

Offer Personalized Gifts To Show You Are Willing To Invest Your Time

If you are good at making something useful and attractive, go ahead and make it for him or her. Does your loved one like to wear socks to bed? Knit a pair of cute socks for him or her. Does your special one have a dog they love to death? Make a photo album of that dog’s most special moments and offer it as a gift. These touching, personalized gifts become the most treasured memorabilia over time.

Use Gifts To Reach Beyond Your Special Person To Their Friends

Nothing you do says you care more than when you reach out beyond your special one to their friends and families. For example, if your special one’s mom suffers from arthritis, go ahead and make a gift of a hot water soak system for her hands and feet. Wouldn’t your man just love the attention his mom’s getting? If there’s a stepchild involved, reach beyond the child and gift something nice to that child’s mother. You will win over that child’s heart in a moment.

Use Gifts To Show That You Trust Them

When you invest in a gift, no matter if it’s a few dollars or a lot, you’re actually putting your money out there. It’s an investment, like as not, and every investment should bring returns. The very act of gifting tells the other person that you believe in the relationship enough to put your money into it. That you trust the other person to return your investment in terms of time, affection and further bonding.

Teena Celis is a freelance content writer working for Adrenaline who specializes in writing on topics such as nature travel, rainforest studies, adventure sports and water sports.

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