How to make your marriage thrive

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tree-of-loveIt is easy to start relationship but difficult to maintain the infatuation and love after several years together. A lot of couples struggle to keep their love alive. The flame of their love gradually vanish and they become habitual and dull in expressing the love and passionate feelings.
Couples who can keep their loving feelings can enjoy a happy life. They laugh together, sit and talk for hours, make plans of the future and seek out other’s company. The secrete behind it is they think and work to maintain their quality relationship. They don’t take this happy life and love for granted.

We have number of examples if couples with love and passion in their marriage. When you ask, how they maintain it, they reply, it’s too simple, just think of your wife as your girlfriend like from the old days before marriage. On the other hand many couples forget the good days and they feel it was a dream that they were in love or infatuation for each other. Flower exchanges, candle light dinners, love notes and writing poetry for their partner is like a story for them.
Never stop to share the love and care with your partner, go on a date like in old days, it is one of the best techniques that maximize the affection and love in your relation. There are some other ways how to make your marriage thrive.

Express Love to your partner.
It is important that you readily express your love to your partner. It is vital and we all need to know that we are important and being loved. Hearing this makes your mind refresh. Tell it to your partner, look into her eyes and say the most lovely word of the world “I Love You”. Relationships need expression. Make it count and be sure that your partner should be in a hearing mood as well. It does not count if your partner is not in the mood of hearing the best words of life.

Frequent Love making.
You probably aren’t surprised by this. But besides the ordinary sex there are also many other physical ways of expressing love. Touch her while walking. Give her a long hug. Make coffee or tea for her. You can create your own rituals of lovemaking. It is the most important thing to share love.
Give Meaning to your kiss
A kiss is lot more meaningful than we think. It is not necessary to have deep kiss on every occasion of day. A good kiss on the cheek when you go out can work. Give her a kiss on the lips when you come back. It is not necessary that the male partner should start all the acts. Females can take initiatives as well. She should also show the depth of her love to her partner. Kiss is the easiest way to share your feelings so makes every kiss memorable and meaningful with passion and love.

Sit Together
You can sit for some time regularly with your partner. This is very important if you sit together to discuss your life and laugh. This can not only reduce the level of stress in your own life but this can put a good gesture to your marriage as well.

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