How To Tell If Your Ex Girlfriend Wants You Back

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A lot of guys want to know how they can tell if their ex wants them back. If you recently broke up with your girlfriend this would probably be something you’ll want to learn about.
Especially, if you still carry intense feelings about your ex, and believe that you two are made for each other.

Breaking up is awful in most cases, but not all breaks are forever. You probably know some couples who managed to smooth their issues and get back together.
A brief separation and resolving your problems which were present in the past can even strengthen and improve the bond between couples.

Before you try to get back to your ex, you should first know if there is even a chance, and if there are any signs that she wants you back. Some of those signs are:

  • When your ex is still regularly trying to contact you via SMS, phone calls or e-mails, which means she’s still not over you. This is a good sign that she still feels something for you.
  • When she tells you that she wants to stay friends. This is another good sign, because she cannot bear to lose you completely. Accept the friendship because this can be a good starting point for a new beginning.
  • When your ex tells you how much she misses you, during a conversation. That means that she often recalls the good moments with you and lacks the sense of intimacy that you shared. She’s probably trying to find out if you still miss her.
  • When you two are often caught in the same place and she seems very glad to meet you. This is a good sign that she’s still interested, because she would otherwise try to avoid you and not trying to talk to you.
  • When she often asks if you’re seeing someone else. It’s not easy for her to deal with a possibility that there is someone new in your life, but don’t put flame to fire with false information in order to make her jealous.
    Even if you’re seeing someone this probably isn’t serious, considering that you still feel something for your ex and want her back. In that case, you don’t want that she starts thinking you turned a new page in your life.

There is something you can do to make her open up to you once again, and that is to encourage her interests in the right way. Don’t act too cold and in control, but also not desperate (that’s even worse!).
Although it’s difficult to use logic when it comes to emotions and break-ups, you should think hard about everything and plan the next steps with a cool head.

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