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I just went to Yahoo answers and entered the phrase “save marriage” in the search term.

I’ve got 17884 results!

Some statistic I’ve read about says that more than half of marriages in the United States end with a divorce! When we look at this it’s no wonder that there are SO many books, so many information about dealing with marriage problems, so many people seeking for advice or seeking for compassion in the hard times of going through a divorce or a break up.

Now, some may even provoke the thesis that the concept of marriage is no longer sustainable in today’s modern world.
However, I wont go down that road in this post. The purpose of this post is to say something about the various “how to save your marriage” products and courses that are available online.

Let’s see one question from Yahoo answers I’ve selected

Question from Ram330

Subject: Save marriage?


Wife and I have Been married for 10yr with two kids. She says I’m a great dad, wonderful person, good husband but lack in the romance and communication area.She’s 30 but recently meet a 21 yr o’ guy that works in the same field of work shes in. Shes already spent the night but clams not to have sex But wants get back on the pill so she can. Everyday that goes by she seems more cold harted and has said she has nothing left to give to our marriage. I’m not ready to lose her. This is not the 1st time she cheated 2 yr back she had sex with a 18yr guy. Any suggestions or ideas to help. PLEASE

Now, I feel sorry for the situation this gentleman had to go through. But I wanted to point this out as an example of the situation where you shouldn’t back down, where you shouldn’t even consider saving “marriage” as there is nothing to save here. The boat already sunk.
Actually, this gentleman had this coming for him and he let it happen. His wife lost her respect for him, she treated him badly, she already hurt him by her infidelity and he closed his eyes on this.
I feel sorry for what his two kids had to go through as a result of their divorce.

So, before you consider getting some help or ask yourself these questions:
Why would you like to save your marriage?
Does your partner deserve you?

Now, the point I want to make is – when it’s over – it’s over. So move on.
So seek for the advice and information when you first notice struggles in your relationship or marriage.
It’s much easier to save it when your conflict is in it’s early stage.
That said, let’s take a look at a few books that provide tips for saving your marriage.


Overview of the keep your marriage books

I went and searched for keep your marriage books and I was really surprised with the quantity of books and courses available. I took a look at some of them cause there is no chance I could review all that information!
So here are a few with a good customer feedback.


Save The Marriage eBook

Save your marriage video

Author: Lee H. Baucom
Product price: $47

Save your marriage
is a best Selling e-book from the expert Lee H. Baucom which has been sold in over 63,000 copies.
Lee Baucom is a marriage counselor, consultant and broadcaster, featured in many magazines.
He has been a marriage counselor for over 20 years so I think that gives him enough credibility in this field.

Covered modules:
# Quick-Start Guide To Saving Your Marriage
# Top Five Things NOT To Do When Your Partner Wants Out!
# Dealing With Anger And Resentment
# Down-N-Dirty Guide To Saving Your Marriage

You get 4 bonuses with this product:
# Coping With A MidLife Marriage Crisis Audio
# Recovering From An Affair Audio
# 5 Rules For Fair Fighting
# Change Of Heart ebook by Paul and Jennifer Thibeault

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Mastery Guide to Saving Your Marriage & Stopping Your Divorce

mastery guide to saving your marriage and stopping your divorce

Author: Dr. Katie Zaltman Ph. D.

Product price: $54.95

Dr. Katie Zaltman is marriage counseling professional with over 30 years of experience. The first issues of her book dates from 1997 and there are a lot of positive testimonials from satisfied customers.
The last update of the book was in 2010 and the newly updated version contains over 170 pages of information.

Visit official site and get your copy of the Mastery Guide to Saving Your Marriage and Stopping Your Divorce!


Marriage Makeover

marriage makeover video

Author: Kara Oh
Product price:$57

Kara Oh is a 61 year old relationship coach, public speaker and author of several books on the subject of relationship, love and romance. She appeared on numerous TV shows and shared her knowledge through workshops for both men and women.
Although she is not a psychological professional her vast experience makes her a reliable and knowledgeable

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All these products offer a 60 days no-matter-what money back guarantee!


Divorce decision

If you’re on the other side, you’re uncertain about whether you should ask for a divorce, there are also books that deals with the divorce decision. One such book only for woman is the Divorce Decision book. It should help you make your decision about Your marriage, so you feel confident and excited about your future.

Another book with great reviews is Contemplating Divorce: A Step-by-Step Guide to Deciding Whether to Stay or Go.


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