Practical Female Psychology For the Practical Men by Franco, Joseph W. South and David Clare

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Practical Female Psychology For The Practical Men Review

As I said on the home page of this site, one of the topics that I want to write about here is relationships. I’ve been following the seduction community for years and I’ve gathered useful knowledge from various sources, as well as from my own experience. What I’ve noticed is that most of the gurus in this area focus mostly on the attraction phase, which is attracting the female. They give tips and tactics on how to approach a girl, how to talk to her, how to get her number and so on, with the final conquest of getting her into bed.
This kind of approach to seduction is very superficial. Women are mostly recognized only for their looks and believe me this kind of ignorance can give you a lot of headaches later.

As I noticed most of the guys searching for this kind of information are inexperienced so their main focus is improving their sexual life. Eventually, after some time dating different girls, you may want to settle with one, special girl and start a long term relationship.

You may think that dating many girls is a good preparation before entering a long term relationship, but this isn’t the case. I know a few womanizers that slept with a lot of girls, but finally ended in a bad marriage (usually they end up in a marriage because they girlfriend gets pregnant).

What lacks in the books and material about seduction are the tips on how to choose the right girl for you. The focus is on getting the hot girl, but can you handle that hottie? A lot of players and daters learned it the hard way that giving their harts to a wrong girl can be a painful experience.
Imagine how much money, time and energy could this skill of screening the right girlfriend save you.
There are some differences in the way that men and women think. It is hard for us men to understand the chick logic and how to deal with woman’s emotions and tests. This is the second major topic that would be wisely to gain some knowledge and understanding about before entering a serious relationship.

Fortunately there are some authors that write and talk about that and today I want to introduce you to the excellent book on the topic called Practical Female Psychology for the Practical Men.
This book is written by three authors under the names Franco, Joseph W. South and David Clare. These authors are well known in the so called seduction community and what outshines them from a handful of other pick up gurus or seducers is their knowledge about the female psychology and relationships.

Before reading this book I was already familiar with the Franco’s work. I’ve read his Manual of Seduction several times. It is a book that I recommended to all of my male friends and those that read it had very positive comments about it.
That’s why I was very interested in reading the Practical Female Psychology.
I started reading this book recently and, although I had some knowledge and experience on the subject, I still had many ‘aha’ moments while reading it.

What you can find inside (chapters):

1 The Role of Evolution
2 Female Neuropsychology
3 Female Logic Explained
4 Female Basic Conflict
5 Female Subcommunication
6 The Magic Pussy Syndrome
7 Female Archetypes
8 Screening for the Archetypes
9 Female Self Esteem
10 Screening: HSE vs. LSE Women
11 Stages of Manipulation
12 Root Causes of Conflict
13 Female Manipulation
14 Female Arousal and Sex Drive
15 Last Minute Resistance
16 The Madonna/whore Complex
17 Dealing with the Madonna/whore Complex
18 The Anti-Slut Defense
19 Male Qualities Attractive to Women

What I especially like is that for every concept or theory explained, authors provide practical advice.

I will write in future posts about some of the concepts from the book, as well as my experiences.

For now, I’ll just say that the Practical Female Psychology for the Practical Men is my new recommendation to my friends and to all men who want to understand women and achieve better relationships.

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