Q&A: How many dates do people nowadays wait to have sex when first dating?

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I ran into a question on yahoo answers by a women in her late 3o’s. She probably haven’t read the Free tips on finding and keeping the right men.
However, lets take a look at her question and the best chosen answer:

I would say what is typical is within three dates. How long do people nowadays wait to have sex when first dating? When should you invite a guy over for the first time? How long should you wait before having sex for the first time? I would say within a month or six dates. We’re in our late 30’s. Thx.
Does it not work out into a relationship if you have sex within two weeks or four dates? Thanks.

Now here is a best reply by Priya G:

2-3 months

My comment:

wow. 2-3 months? Well, that’s definitely not a standard now-days, I would say. I know that many people have their own reasons and ideas why and when should such an intimate act happen. But I think that trying to fulfill others expectations don’t lead to your own happiness. So I think your decision should be based on your own feelings and not some “general standard” (as there is no such actually). You are both adults and you know what you’re doing.

As you are a woman, your partner should take an initiative. If he ain’t showing any after a month, then you can do something about it – like invite him to your place. That is if you are still interested, of course.

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4 thoughts on “Q&A: How many dates do people nowadays wait to have sex when first dating?

  1. I usually have sex within the first 2 weeks; but I have noticed many women want it earlier.

    EDIT:Mary; Please email me and I can give you clearer answer

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  2. well when ever the mood takes me lol but i think its up to the individual

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  3. Well it depends on the quality of the dates. If you connected and had deep conversation within three dates then that’s fine. If you go on ten dates and never had any real connection or spark, then why would you get in bed. Its really case-by-case basis. Another thing, at the age of 30s, usually its fewer dates especially if you hit it off from the start. The first date is never advisable because it might give the impression that that’s what you’re in for or that you sleep around too.

    Having sex too early and then having a serious relationship should not affect the relationship. If both parties are serious about each other, time is not a factor, just feelings.

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  4. I think it honestly depends on the people. Some people could base their relationship on that kinda stuff and might not care about doing it.

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