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Another dating question, this time from a guy that is obviously not very experienced and probably hasn’t been reading a free dating newsletter.
Anyway, here is his question:

if a girl goes to a guys house and they have been dating a long time. what happens step by step with detail of what happens and how long. everything from the moment they start kissing to sex?

And here is the best reply by Boy:

The guy kisses the girl and then starts to touch her…he tries to get in her pants.

The girl pulls out a taser and tases him in the nuts, making him sterile. The girl pulls out a Bible and shows him were it says no sex before marriage.

The boy leaves, to go to the hospital.

Have a nice day.

I’m must admit that I found that answer quite funny, although it isn’t very helpful. It seems like a responder doesn’t have very nice experience, although he tries to mask it with his humor.
I hope that isn’t a true story, but it is a reality for so much men – they want to have sex, they get pushy and needy, or even frustrated if the things aren’t going the way they want or expect. The girl teases them and in the end rejects their sloppy moves and send them home (or to the hospital as the guy above says) with their balls blue.

So what to do? Be relaxed about it, don’t force it. Don’t care if you’re going to have sex or not. Now, if you’re inexperienced I know that this will be a big deal to you, but believe me, with time and some more practice it will be natural. Don’t over-analyze it, cause that will make you even more nervous.
I don’t know how old are you, but you said you were dating for a long time and you ask how to have sex, so I would say you are very young.

So, to give you a more specific answer, I would say that if you are dating with your girlfriend for some time and she invites you to her place, that’s an open invitation for sex. Start to touch her when you are in her house and slowly escalate. Pay attention to her reactions. If she becomes uncomfortable, take a step back and continue little later. Even if you don’t have sex that time, don’t worry, it will happen the next time or some other time.

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  1. Depends on the couple…there are way too many possibilities to list them all here (and explict posts are a violation anyway).

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