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When one is feeling tired he is usually unproductive because tiredness stops us from using our creative energy. I stumbled upon a product which deals with constant tiredness that some people have to struggle with almost everyday. Imagine how much more could you achieve if you felt refreshed and rested every day.
Sleeping more sometimes just isn’t the answer, as we may feel tired regardless of the number of hours we sleep.

Stop being tired

Authors: Tina Hagen & Peter Novak

Starting price: $47

Visit official website: http://www.stop-being-tired.com/


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Quick overview of the End Tiredness program

The End Tiredness Program provides you with resources for dealing with everyday fatigue and show you how to become more energetic and restful. It goes to the root of the problem and show you the natural way to fight tiredness, without pills or energy drinks.

This step-by-step guide will reveal you:
#    how to eliminate tiredness from your life
#    which food gives you more energy and alertness and which food should be avoided
#    how to control the level of hormone that is in charge of your tiredness and alertness
#    how to wake up more easily every morning
#    how to sleep less and feel more rested (by optimizing your inner sleep system)
#    how to avoid the most common mistake that people do when they feel tired negative habits
#    how to fall asleep more easily

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Effectiveness of the End Tiredness program

Authors ran a study to test the effectivness of their program. There were 53 volunteers in the study group and all of them reported having problems with fatigue and tiredness before the study.
Here are the results after one month:

* Volunteers slept less than before (1 hour and 28 minutes less on average)
* 96% success rate of volunteers reported that they don’t feel tired anymore

Obviously we can’t attest if this study is legit, but there is no risk to try it for yourself – authors give 60 days money back guarantee.

Stop being tired
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