Holy Grail Body Transformation System Review

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>Holy Grail Body Transformation System is a new product by Tom Venuto, best selling author of the popular Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle program.

Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle was a huge success some years ago. It broke clickbank sales records and I think it is still high on the list of the most popular and most selling clickbank products.

A lot of affiliates promoted this product so it is perfectly normal to expect a lot of hype with this new system by Mr. Tom Venuto.

I just glanced through Tom’s new system, so this will be a quick look at Holy Grail Body Transformation System. I probably won’t be able to try it for the next few months (I have specific workout plans at the moment).

But I think I can still give you my opinion about it.

For start let me take a quick look at the Burn the fat, Feed the Muscle book. It’s popularity speaks something for it self, as bad products don’t stay on the top selling categories for years. Quality products with good marketing do. So, it is a very good fitness program, but to be honest there wasn’t anything revolutionary about it. The book provided very good information on nutrition, dieting, muscle growth and training. But there are so many sources from where you could search and read about this.

What I liked about it was Tom’s ability to simplify things. He made his program such that it is easy to understand and implement.

Tom is a good teacher/writer and obviously a very good marketer.

From the name of the new program itself, it’s obvious that the focus of the system is transformation. Again, the subject of losing fat but holding, or even gaining, muscle.
The premise behind it is, as Tom says, cycling dieting. Speaking from my own research and experience, that really is one of the best ways to lose fat with minimum muscle loss and gain muscles with minimum gain of fat. If you are a beginner you could get the effect of losing fat and gaining muscles, but the more advanced you are, that would be harder for you to achieve (to not say impossible).

Although Holy Grail Body Transformation System provides first-class information and very good guidelines to achieve your fitness goals, but don’t expect things to happen over night.

As I mentioned on the beginning there will be a lot of hype about this program. Try to ignore it, because you could get too high expectations.

You can’t achieve significant progress without hard work and persistence! I already mentioned that Tom is a great marketer. Again, ignore the hype. Change takes time!

This system will provide you with knowledge. It is up to you to use it.

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Tom’s explanation of the program:

The Holy grail is a nutrition and training system based on cyclical dieting – by planning periods of positive calorie balance and periods of negative energy balance you shift into and out of muscle building and fat burning The net result over time is better body composition – more muscle and less fat.
The program also shifts within-day calorie balance by providing more calories at specific times around workouts and this type of nutrient timing has a very anabolic (muscle-building effect).

(also if you eat more at certain times, the food almost never gets stored as fat, so in the holy grail, “timing
is everything”)

Last but not least, everything in the program is designed to optimize hormones which improve “nutrient partitioning” (which is WHERE nutrients go – into fat or into muscle) so the holy grail helps direct nutrients into muscle cells and pull fat out of fat cells.


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