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Ironmaster Super Bench Adjustable weight-lifting Bench
Item: Ironmaster Super Bench – adjustable weight-lifting Bench
Manufacturer: Ironmaster
Price: $289.00
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Ironmaster adjustable weight-lifting Bench overview

If you plan to set up a home or basement gym, bench is a must have piece of equipment.
It is important that it is solid, durable, stable and that it can take more than 600 pounds of weight.
Adjustable benches are regularly somewhat pricier but they will allow you to perform few more exercises, like incline bench press, and some even decline bench press.
One bench that meet all those conditions is Ironmaster Adjustable weight-lifting bench and it has very high customer ratings (4,7 out of 5 at Amazon in the moment of writing this text).

Let’s look at it’s features:

  • Super heavy duty – rated to 1000lb
  • rated to 600 pounds for incline and upright positions
  • It can be adjusted to 11 angles from decline to upright: 0, 5,10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 and 85 degrees
  • powder-coated solid steel construction and chrome component
  • weighs 60 lbs
  • dimensions: 44 x 18.8 x 21 inches
  • unique adjustment ring with foot lever adjust operates from both sides and locks up tight
  • Incline seat follows backrest pad
  • optional attachments available: Chin Up Bar, Crunch/Decline, Bar Dip/Leg Raises, Preacher Curl Pad
  • 10 years warranty

Customer feedback

I searched for customer experiences with this bench online, and the feedback is generally very positive. Below are some of the comments:

“The Super Bench is solid. Amazing quality. The way it swivels is genius. All the attachments are made from solid metal and feel real sturdy. “

-actual customer feedback on

“This bench is very solidly assembled and should last me for years. An incredible bargain.”

-actual customer comment on

“I have the Ironmaster super bench. It’s wide, firm and very well made with 11 angles.”

-actual customer comment on T-nation forum

“Let me first state I think its a great bench, very easy to adjust up or down, perfect for incline, decline bench presses. I bought the Crunch, Dip and Preacher curl attachments. Both the crunch and preacher attachments are great they work fine and are very sturdy.
The Dip attachment however I don’t like because there is half inch give on the bench in the upright position where it can move from side to side.”

“I have the Ironmaster super bench and love it. The only setback is that it is a little tall. It does have a leg attachment as well.”

“I am very happy with it, it is solid, easy to use, and actually kind of fun to use at the sometime.”

“The only problem that i have, and understand it is ONE problem, is that I am too tall for the decline bench presses.”

“Both the Super bench and the adjustable dumbbells are great by Ironmaster. They’re quite versatile and worth the money.”

“I’d say its a quality bench. The padding is thick like you would find on a commercial bench(i.e. at a gym) and it has good stability.”

-real customer comments on

“I think its worth it if you are going to use the incline settings. If not you can get stronger flat benches for less.”

-actual comment from

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Ironmaster Super Bench Attachments

The Super bench has several attachments which makes it even more versatile.

Chin up bar attachment

Chin up bar
The chin up bar is adjustable in height from 78 in to 89 in to fit most anyone and is rated for 300 lbs.

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Ironmaster Dip Handle Attachment

Ironmaster Dip handle
This Dip handle attaches to bench spine with the pull pin and lock in place. There are three height positions available: from 50 inches to 52.5 inches from the floor.

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Ironmaster Cable Tower Attachment

Ironmaster Cable Tower
It connects to the Super Bench with just one quick pull pin and allows you to expand your Super Bench capabilities with an upper and lower pulley cable system, all in a very small footprint.

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Ironmaster Crunch Situp Attachment

Ironmaster Crunch situp attachment
You can connects this attachment to the Ironmaster Super Bench and turn it into an abdominal training device.

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Ironmaster Preacher Curl Pad

Ironmaster preacher curl pad
Preacher Curl Pad attachment allows you to perform isolation curls with the Ironmaster Super Bench. It works with cables or EZ Curl Bar and offers adjustable angle positions.

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Ironmaster Leg Extension Curl Attachment

Ironmaster Leg Extension Curl Attachment
Leg Extension Curl Attachment allows you to do leg extensions and leg curls with the Super Bench. Very heavy duty design and construction (rated to 200 lbs) and works with either Standard weight plates or Olympic plates with the included Olympic sleeve adapter.

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Ironmaster Super Bench video

This video describes some of the features of Super Bench and show you how you can utilize additional super bench attachments to expand the number of exercises.

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