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In a couple of weeks my gym membership expires. Most likely I will continue my training in my basement gym. This have some pluses and minuses.

The Pluses:
# don’t have to lose my time driving to the gym
# don’t have to wait for some machine, or some gym equipment
# can listen to my own music
# can do whatever I like (I can even workout naked if I want!)

The minus:
# my equipment is limited, so I have a limited number of exercises which I can perform.

I don’t have a problem with the above mentioned minus because I mostly enjoy compound lifts for which just a barbell, weights and bench are enough.

Here is most of the equipment that I have:

1) Flat bench

My bench was custom made, but I found similar one on Amazon for $50:

I mostly do bench press on this, but I also often do lying french press.

Of course, adjustable bench would be a better option, but for now I’ll stick with this one.

2) Squat rack

Again, mine was custom made, but here is an example of a similar one:

I use it for bench press and, of course, squats.
I also have extra handles for dips.

3) Barbell and weights

It would be best to have an olympic weight set. Here’s an example from Amazon:

4) Pull-up bar

Pull-ups and chin-ups are great exercise for your back (lats especially) and for your biceps.

Here’s one from Iron gym.

5) Set of dumbbells

They can come handy.

6) Curl weight bar

I mostly use it for working my arms – biceps and triceps.

7) Cheap rowing machine

I use it for warming up and for a little cardio workout.

Mine is similar to this one:

And I wouldn’t recommend it if you plan to row much, because it’s quality is not so wonderful.
If you’re really into rowing, then buy yourself a quality machine – I would definitely recommend Concept 2, I think it’s one of the best.

So if we sum the cost of all these equipment we come to $932.

It’s a lot if you pay it at once, but you can start with just a basic equipment (maybe a set of dumbbells and a pull-up bar) and gradually add more.

In the next post I will review some other home gym options.

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