Some of the Causes of Panic Attacks

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If you are looking for the causes of panic attacks, you will quickly learn that the medical professionals are trying to figure out the same thing. Piecing together the different processes and mechanisms is a continual process. Documentation of causes has occurred as well as a vast body of knowledge acquired on the subject of panic attack symptoms.

The whole story, though, can not be contained in a single word like “causes” which can actually be misleading. There are many conditions that can cause panic attacks, but this process is not completely understood. Activation of personal alarms or threats during conditions that do not warrant it, is one theory of this condition. The precise biological processes of why this happens are not fully known. In this article we have gathered some information about the causes of panic attacks.

The overall medical and research knowledge is aware that panic attacks can run in families. But that’s not always the case. There is no genetic evidence at the moment to support this supposition. Other studies seem to conclude that lack of certain nutrients like magnesium or zinc could also cause them. Of course other studies have proven these results to be questionable. We are certain there will be more studies on this particular topic in the near future. When this happens we’ll be able to learn the truth about nutritional deficiencies and their role in panic attacks. Until that day comes, there are other potential risk factors you have to keep in mind.

There are quiet a few conditions that include panic attacks as a side-effect, or symptom. Drugs, as well as some medications, have been linked to some of these conditions or events. For example, amphetamine and cocaine overdoses have been know to cause panic attacks. Medication prescribed by a doctor has been found by some to be the cause of their attacks. Those drugs include it as a possible side effect during use. So be sure to ask your doctor about side-effects of any medication they prescribe. Your doctor should discuss the range of side effects with you whenever you are given new prescription medicine. You can also ask your doctor about side-effects of any medications you are currently taking, to determine if they could be the cause of your attacks.

Some medical conditions have symptoms like hyperventilation and chronic fatigue syndrome that can seem like panic attacks. It complicates things even more, when the panic attack and the condition are actually symptoms of one another. For example, a well know symptom of panic attacks is hyperventilation, however, this condition can have a complication of panic attacks as well. If faced with this complicated problem or any others, you and your doctor have to decide which one to treat, or do you treat both. In the case that you are experiencing frequent bouts of hyperventilation, you should meet with your doctor as soon as possible. Always discuss anything out of the ordinary with your doctor about this condition as it may help you identify your own personal causes for panic attacks. Sometimes the attack is just a psychological reaction to a specific stimuli or a deep phobia that causes panic attacks.

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