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Let’s be honest, smoking is a really bad and unhealthy habit. Although I never smoked myself, I know several
people who managed to quit smoking and after few or many years have passed, they never got back to it.

One close friend of mine managed to quit smoking just by the power of his will. He just said to himself one day “this is unhealthy and I’m throwing a lot of money in the smoke, I must quit”. And he pulled it.
Other older gentleman, who is a friend of my parents, quit smoking after his doctor warned him that it’s endangering his health. He got really worried and scared, and so he quit.
I heard several other successful stories and each has it’s own twist. For example, for one guy a hypnosis treatment proved to be successful.

Some tried with those nicotine patches, some with nicotine gums. There is a long list of quit smoking aids, you can see most of them here.

The reason why there are so many different approaches, methods and quit smoking aids is the fact that each person reacts differently to various stimuli or triggers so there are very small chances for someone to find the best way to stop smoking that will help everybody.

But, no matter which approach you take, you should first have a strong reason to quit smoking, because it’s almost impossible to stop smoking unless you believe you can.
If you ask people who quit smoking what’s their secret, it’s very likely that you’ll hear different answers and
different methods or aids that helped them.
But the thing that I would presume they have in common is a strong desire to quit smoking.
One of the best way to stop smoking I have read about, is making a list of all the reasons for quitting.
Every time the need for a cigarette appears, one should take a look at his list and remind how awful smoking really is.

A lot of smokers try with a stop smoking support groups, medication or nicotine replacement aids, or they
just try to eliminate activities which propel smoking. Each of these approaches can work, but in the end it comes to dedications and will of each person.

It is a fact that deep down inside many smokers don’t really want to quit because a variety of reasons.
Some fear that they will put extra weight if they stop smoking, some find pleasure in cigarettes. People with stronger character find their way more easily.
If you’re looking for a solution to stop smoking take a look at the Quit smoking course.
It might give you valuable suggestions.

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