Ulthera: For Naturally Younger Looking Skin

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Age is definitely an enemy to your skin. As you age, your skin starts to loosen. That’s why many people can predict the age of someone just by looking at him or her. The problem is that you cannot control age. As days come and go, you continue to age. With time, you find yourself in a state where you don’t like your skin very much. Ulthera technology aims to make your skin look younger and tighter. This is a technology that helps to improve your skin a lot. When done well, the technology can produce excellent results.

faceUlthera technology targets the deepest foundational part of the skin. Ultherapy uses ultrasound to address issues that doctors address through surgical means. The use of ultrasound enables doctors to access and see deep layers of the skin. Some of these layers have weakened over time. It is this weakening that brings wrinkles and loosening of the skin. Ultrasound helps doctors to direct energy to parts of the skin where it is needed most. This initiates regeneration response which stimulates the growth of a new collagen. The growth of new collagen lifts and tightens your skin over time.  

The duration of ultherapy is between 60 and 90 minutes. During this time the doctors access and look deep into your skin. By using ulthera technology, the doctors direct heat to weakened parts of the skin. The doctors don’t need to operate on your skin so as to access deep layers of your skin. The time it takes, therefore, is much less than when you go through surgery. On the same note, side effects are minimal.

In some cases, patients experience instant success. Some patients notice positive results on their skin immediately after the exercise. This doesn’t guarantee that you will see the results immediately. You may not see positive results on the spot. This is because each patient is different from one another. The good thing is that the results of ulthera technology are guaranteed. You can continue noticing great results for a period of two to three months.

The final results will be noticed after six months although it is possible to experience them earlier. 

Ultherapy is normally safe. For over 400,000 cases that have been handled through this exercise, no major issue has been reported. It is safe to say, therefore, that this exercise is safe. If you are thinking of using it as an alternative to surgical face lift, you shouldn’t worry of experiencing negative consequences.

Although ultherapy does not pose negative side effects, some patients notice slight redness on the part of the skin that was treated. This redness usually goes away after an hour. Other patients experience mild swelling and tingling. These effects are mild, though. After a short period of time, they normally go away. You can experience great results after these negative side effects if you experience them. 

womenIt is good to note that ultherapy doesn’t give you permanent results. With time, your skin will weaken and start showing signs that you hated before you went for ulthera technology. It may take time, though, before you can experience loose skin again. The period it will take before you experience loose skin may vary from one patient to the other. This is because different patients age differently. You can reduce chances of experiencing these signs by exercising and eating a healthy diet. If you experience these signs in the future, you can go for a retouch to continue enjoying young and healthy skin. 

Who is the best candidate for ultherapy? 

The perfect candidate for ulthera technology is the one whose skin has loosened over period. Such a person may not look as he or she was looking some years back. Ultherapy can help rejuvenate such person’s skin within a short period of time. If you are experiencing laxity and sagging of the skin, you are the right candidate. Remember, you have to be ready mentally to go through this exercise. It means, therefore, that you can only be the best candidate if your mind is ready for the exercise.

General benefits 
· Tighter younger looking skin 
· Non-surgical procedure – this reduces risks that come with surgery. For instance, you will not deal with wounds and other effects of anesthesia.
· Natural looking results – you wouldn’t experience scars and other effects that may sell you to the public.
· No downtime – you will resume your normal work immediately. After undergoing through ulthera, you can go to work and perform your duties normally. 

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