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So today I read that a founder of Drogerie Markt, which is a German major drugstore chain, is giving away all of his fortune to a charity foundation. That news shocked the world, reporters said. Götz Werner is the name of this generous millionaire. To explain his very unusual decision, he said that children have a right for a good start, but their parents should not provide them with welfare for a lifetime.
He also affirmed his decision with this words: “It’s not a shame to be rich, but it’s a shame to die rich”.

Recently another news about generous millionaires spread through the world.
Bill Gates and Steve Jobs proclaimed that they are giving half of their fortune to charity. They applaud to other millionaires and rich people to follow their act, but apparently their response was very weak.

We are yet to see if this trend of generosity among wealthy people will continue.

Besides truly rich people we all heard off, who are giving a part of their fortune without asking anything in return, on the internet we often stumble upon anonymous or unknown millionaires who are willing to share their secretes for a small (or not so small) fee.

The other day I’ve got a link to one such website from some “internet marketing guru”.
He said he is excited that one wealthy person, in his fifties, decided to share his secrets with him, before he retires. And the best part is that I also get a chance to find out those secrets.
So I visit the website of this rich gentleman, but it doesn’t take me long to realize that this is a classical overhyped sales pitch. It is hard to find out who is this retired millionaire and what kind of secrets will he show us. But with a little research I find out who is behind this. It’s a well known internet marketer with a bunch of “get rich” products, who is actually quite young, and with dubious reputation.

When I tried to close the page, I’ve got several discount offers. By reading the reviews of this product on other pages I found out that he actually sells a collection of PLR materials. Information on how to put them in use is very basic.

So, if you need a bunch of PLR articles and books, which can be actually downloaded from other places, you might consider getting this product. Just close the page until you got to the highest discount.

Just don’t aspect that you will find anything new here, that you haven’t heard before.

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