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Dude I hate my job

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Have you heard of Andy Horwitz? He is 18 years old and he used to average $500 per day by blogging (I guess he makes even more now). What he does is he writes about his passions, recommends some products and gets nice checks from affiliate sales. Or that’s how he used to make money before. Now I would guess that most of his profits comes from his own products.
Anyway, one popular product by Andy is called Dude I Hate My Job. In this system he takes you by your hand and shows you how he made his $500 per day so you could also replicate his success.

Basically it’s a blogging course and if you want to know if it’s any good continue reading my review.

Dude I Hate My Job review

If you visit the official page, you will see that Andy is pretty straightforward about what his product is about. There is a 7 minutes video in which he explains what it’s all about, few testimonials (you’ll have to leave your email to watch them) and a screen-shot of his clickbank earnings.

Off course, there is also an opt-in form (box to leave your name and e-mail) and if leave your e-mail you will get a 14 page report and 3 pre-launch videos.

Even if you don’t plan to buy the course, you could get some valuable info from these materials (although the purpose of them is to get you more interested into his course).

**You can also download a 14 pages long free report from my site – just click here to download it!**

What’s actually inside the course

The Dude I Hate My Job is a 9 module step by step video course with videos of 8 to 20 minutes long explaining you how to make money by blogging on the internet about your passion or passions.

It also explains how Adam is able to make up to $500 dollars per day just by blogging one of his passions, so the only thing you have to do is to copy his steps shown in the videos.


1. 15 minute intro video on everything you are going to see in his course
2. How to identify your passion
3. Your personal brand and how to come up with a name
4. Choose the type of content you’ll produce: Video, Audio, Written
5. Starting a blog (wordpress or tumblr)
6. How to Distribute your content (ping.fm, tubemogul)
7. Bring together a community with your passion
8. How to Use social tools to explode your brand
9. How to Monetize your blog – how to make money from your blog

So, in a nutshell, it is a course that shows you how to set up a blog, drive massive traffic and monetize by selling Ad space and affiliate marketing.


Dude I Hate My Job is a very good course, that has little fluff and goes straight to the point. It is especially good for beginners in internet marketing, but even advanced marketers could get some good ideas or a couple of nuggets from it.


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