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Money beyond belief site
Money beyond belief site

Product by: Brad Yates and Joe Vitale
Official website:
Price: $49
Year of release: 2005

Money beyond belief is another product from ETF expert Brad Yates, who has teamed up with famous author and law of attraction promoter Joe Vitale.
They offer an attract money product which should break all your misconceptions and bad beliefs about money, thus allowing you to attract money as much as you desire.

In the previous post we talked about Brad’s and Steve’s confidence beyond belief course for improving your confidence with the use of self hypnosis and EFT. If you read that post you already know something about Brad’s expertise and how EFT works.

This course utilizes EFT and law of attraction principles for breaking blockages and inner conflicts and attracting money making opportunities into your life. They call this tapping system Money Beyond Belief Home Tapping System.

What’s intriguing about this product is it’s simplicity and effectiveness – author claims that he can clear your negative emotions with just 9 simple taps, bringing you easy and quick results.

Visit the website to read more about it, or continue reading to find out what’s included in this program.


What’s inside Money beyond belief product – let’s take a closer look

If you purchase Money beyond belief product you’ll get over 4 hours of audio recordings in 5 mp3 files:

1. Money Beyond Belief Wealth Multiplier no. 1: The Limiting Beliefs Healer MP3
2. Money Beyond Belief Wealth Multiplier no. 2: The Deserve Reserve Expander MP3

Those are the original seminars made with Joe Vitale, which were held in two sessions, lasting in total around 3 and a half hours. In the first seminar Brad Yates works with the limiting beliefs and negative associations about money in particular (eg. “Money is bad”).
In the second seminar Brad talks about the limiting beliefs about ourselves in turns of money (for example “I’m not good enough”, “I’m not smart enough”, etc).

3. Money Beyond Belief Wealth Multiplier no. 3: Tapping Into Abundance MP3

55 minutes of guided tapping session which should relieve you from any anti-abundance and limiting beliefs

4. Money Beyond Belief Wealth Multiplier no. 4: Tapping Into Vibrant Health MP3

Application of tapping system for improving your health.

5. Money Beyond Belief Wealth Multiplier no. 5: Guided Toward Abundance MP3

In this recording Brad guides you to a state of deep relaxation in just 11 minutes.

What you’ll also get with this system is 45 pages long PDF report:

6. MBB Wealth Multiplier no. 5: Laurusnotes: The Lost Keys PDF

This is a collection of essays from the newsletter that was known as Laurusnotes.


The Seven Lost Secrets of Success PDF
– ebook by Joe Vitale on advertising genius Bruce Barton (You can download it on Joe’s site if you look around – ask me if you can’t find it)

As you can see there are a lot of resources included to transform your mindset. Yet, one thing that I would also like is video recording of the seminar.
This program dates back from 2005 when audio calls were usual, but in 2010 we are a bit more spoiled up and like to have a video recording as well.

Regardless on that, positive customer feedback and very low refund rate can give you some confidence that this can work well without the videos.

Click here to download your copy!


Ps. You can try this program without risk – Brad Yates offers 8 weeks money back guarantee. If you’re not happy with the results, you will get your money back.


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