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Thinnest condom vs. Thick condom

Sagami Original

Thinnest condom in the world I recently discovered the world’s thinnest condom – Sagami Original 0,02. As you may presume, it is produced in Japan by Sagami Rubber Industries and with the thickness of 0,02 mm (that’s more than twice times thinner than other respected ultra thinn latex condoms – eg. Durex Sensi Thin and Crown Skinless Skin Condom) it really deserves to be on the throne. I hope the fact Sagami Rubber Industries Ltd. is the first Japanese condom […]

Condom sizes – choose the best size for you

different condom sizes

I’ve wrote about thick and thin condoms and how you should choose between them whether you want to increase or decrease the sensation. However, I think it’s far more important that you choose the best condom size, because that will increase the effectiveness of a condom. As you know, there are various condoms with all kinds of characteristics but still the major purposes of a condom are to save you from sexual transmitted diseases and also save your partner from […]

Detoxing at PhuketFit Retreat in Thailand

PhuketFit resort

With all of the different environmental contaminates that we are exposed to in the modern world it is important that we take the time to detox. Today‚Äôs world is also fast paced and it tends to pull you in to that fast paced mindset and our bodies are not made for that. When we encounter a fast paced environment our bodies tend to get stressed out. We need to relieve the stress that has built up in us. What better […]

9 Ways to Eat Healthily Without Harming Your Teeth


Many of us are aware that healthy eating has benefits for our body and mind, but have you ever stopped to think about how your diet impacts your teeth and gums? The foods you eat have a significant impact on your oral and general health; here are 9 ways to eat healthily without harming your teeth, as recommended by The Frederick Dental Clinic: 1. Read food labels: even some of the most innocent looking foods can harbour hidden sugars and […]

Where To Purchase The Best Whey Protein For Men

whey protein

Anyone that is in the market for the best whey protein for men will need to make sure they are going through the varying options out there before buying into anything. It’s hard to get the best product on your first try, but if you’re willing to keep looking around and doing your research it’s going to work out well for you. The fact is that this shouldn’t be too tough for you to work with once you are done […]

Never give up doing, but give up wanting

There are some common traps that many of us fall into while striving to achieve our goals. Some quit before any results happen and the other ones settle with less than they wanted. We can put both of these under a common denominator and that is “quitting too early”. How does that happen? It can be that we’ve had to high expectations. When one sees that he can’t achieve something easily, he blames the method, he blames the bad luck, […]

Importance of keeping a journal – and reviewing it

This is something that was talked about over and over again, by so many life coaches and motivational speakers. I can remember that Jim Rohn really emphasizes this simple yet powerful little tool in his courses and speeches. As Jim says: a life worth living is a life worth recording. When I say a journal, I don’t think of writing all the boring stuff you’ve been doing that day and with whom, but recording interesting, inspiring ideas, taking notes from […]

Appreciation and gratitude

First article I wanted to write on my site is about appreciation. The reason why is because I’m pretty certain that without firstly appreciating all the things, circumstances and people in your life, you can’t develop a positive attitude which is necessary for growth. No matter how dim or sad or discouraging your circumstances may look to you now, you should always try finding their positive aspect and express your gratefulness for them. We all had our ups and downs […]