An enemy called average by John L. Mason

Personal development

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The book of John L. Mason “An enemy called Average” could be very helpful literature for people that want to achieve something in their life. It focuses mostly on people that are eager to make some changes, the ones who don’t want to be controlled by their life, but who want to control their life. We mostly think that we are destined to waste our lives doing something we educated ourselves for, but that doesn’t have to necessarily be true.
John Mason is trying to help with this book by letting you on some information about ways that you can make your life worth by really doing what you truly enjoy. People often get led in life by tradition or things you are sure you “must do” in life, but maybe this book could be right when trying to assure people that they must be unique, like every human being really is. The tragedy in most people’s lives is monotony. Why lead a life where you do everything because you have to? These monotonous lives are very spread around the world, but a little number of people change it. Maybe the ones that don’t have the courage to stand up for themselves and do something about it should consider reading a book like this.
When you want to do something about yourself then you have to invest something too. It’s just like going to a hairdresser, you pay and you get your hair done and you automatically improve you appearance. Investing in a book like this can’t do you any harm. This book is sure to last a year, because written in 52 segments and that is the number of weeks in a whole year. It can easily be concluded that the author wants his readers to go through a long process and take a lot of time to work on themselves. When you put a lot of effort in something you know it can’t be bad. So if you are one of those people who want to prove it to themselves and to the world that you are not just a number in the world’s population, then consider this book as a helper. Get your copy of Enemy called average here!

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