Become Legendary commercial – Look me in the eyes

Personal development

Here’s another Nike commercial with Michael Jordan from the Become Legendary series with a powerful message. This one is called “Look me in the eyes”. It’s one of my favorite commercials from this series, and soon I’ll post another one I really like.

Here is the transcript and below is the video. It’s one minute of pure motivation.

Look me in the eye
It’s ok if you’re scared
so am I

but we’re scared for different reasons
I’m scared of what I want become
and you’re scared of what I could become

Look at me

I wont let myself in where I started
I wont let myself finish where I began

I know what is within me

Even if you can’t see it yet

Look me in the eyes

I have something more important than courage

I have patience

I will become what I know I am

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