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Created by: Steve G. Jones and Brad Yates
Official website:

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Quick overview of the Confidence beyond belief product

Confidence beyond belief is a program developed by Hypnotherapist Steve J. Jones and EFT expert Brad Yates, in order to help you raise your confidence level.
Authors stress out how confidence is a common denominator of successful people and that without confidence it’s hard to achieve significant success in any area of your life.
I think that’s something most of us would agree and that’s why I took a closer look at this product.

More about the Authors

Steve G. Jones is a certified hypnotherapist with vast experience. You can check out his curriculum vitae at his official website ( He has numerous products – books and audio programs – designed to help people overcome different fears, phobias or adversities (some are a bit unusual to me, like – Overcome Fear of Frogs, or Overcome Fear of Horses), or improve and further develop their skills in almost all areas of life. One of his products you may have heard of is Ultimate Conversational Hypnosis.

Brad Yates is a well known EFT practitioner, author and co-author of numerous books and products, like Key to Success, Sales beyond belief, Money beyond belief etc. He worked with diverse group of clients, from CEO’s to athletes and professionals in various fields.

In the Confidence beyond belief product these two authors combined their expertise to offer customers unique approach to raising and improving confidence.

More about the course

Reality is just our perception of reality. And our subconscious mind creates our perception of reality.
Therefore, the first premise behind this program is that the key to creating the reality that you want is to program your subconscious mind.
Yet, lack of confidence will surely halt our ability to achieve success.
As Steve put it: Our Lives Are Shaped By The Decisions That We Make And The Decision To Act Is Fueled By Confidence

Premise number two: Anyone Who Wants To Change Any Area Of Their Life Should First Focus On Their Confidence Before They Do Anything Else

Premise number three: Emotions make a huge role in shaping one’s confidence

If people have negative emotions the process of raising confidence takes a lot of longer with the use of hypnotherapy. For example, if one develops the confidence to act, but can’t control the negative emotions which propel them to do otherwise, they still won’t act.

That’s why Emotional Freedom Technique is included in this program as crucial component for dealing with negative emotions.
For those who aren’t familiar with EFT, the core of this method is to stimulate the body’s energy field by tapping on certain body points. By tapping on body points energy stoppages that cause negative feelings are released.

Finally, the result of combining hypnosis and EFT in Confidence beyond belief program is the following:

Confidence beyond belief Tapping Teleseminar

Confidence Beyond Belief Tapping Teleseminar
Confidence Beyond Belief Tapping Teleseminar


Power your mind to achieve unlimited Confidence

Power your mind to achieve unlimited confidence
Power your mind to achieve unlimited confidence


Confidence beyond belief part II
– here authors demonstrates their techniques (Brad makes EFT Confidence Tapping session on Steve, while Steve performs a Hypnosis Confidence Induction on Brad)

Confidence beyond belief part 2
Confidence beyond belief part 2

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ps. Authors offer 8 weeks unconditional money back guarantee on this product.

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