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Are you a facebook addict?

Do you connect on Facebook more than 5 times a day? Do you regularly play any Facebook game? Do you solve various tests on facebook applications? Do you often find yourself viewing photos of people you don’t even know? Do you update your status more than 2 times a day?
If you answered YES to more than one of these questions you may be – A FACEBOOK ADDICT.

Stop wasting time on Facebook

Facebook is a great social network, but it can also be a major time waster. It’s a great tool for connecting with your friends, sharing photos and staying up to date, but people also waste a lot of their time playing different games, taking silly tests, looking random photos etc.
I found myself recently procrastinating over some tasks I planned to do, because I would turn on facebook too often to check if there are some new comments, if I got some new message or if I am missing on something. Someone I hardly know would put some new photos, and I would have to take a look at them. Then I would check the profile of some random person that was tagged in one of those photos. If the profile is open for public viewing I would satisfy my voyeuristic urge by taking a look of his or her’s photos.
Soon enough, my job is on hold, while I’m taking some silly facebook test or looking at some random photos.

As I realized that I’m wasting my time and losing my productivity I decided to put an end to this facebook addiction. How did I do it?

Well, the first thing is obviously the realization that I’m losing too much of my precious time on Facebook and that I have to deal with that. As they say for solving any addiction – the first step is to admit that you have a problem.

Secondly, I made a schedule for my Facebook activities. I would log in twice per day and my Facebook session should last no longer than 20 minutes. During that time I should respond to all messages, comments or requests I received and send the ones I have to.

Third thing is I had to select alternative activities that I would do, instead of browsing on Facebook. For me that was – writing posts (like this one), reading some book from my “to read” list or hanging out with my buddies in person.


Well, during the week I managed to keep my facebook schedule without a problem, as I have a pretty busy schedule anyhow, but the weekend was tough. The water was bad, so I had to cancel some outdoor activity. Suddenly, I had some more free time and I had to resist my need to log in.
How to cope with that? Firstly, I tried to release my desire to connect to Facebook (more on releasing in the following articles). Secondly, I called few of my friends and arranged to meet with them, drink coffee and catch up.

Well, that is my plan for dealing with Facebook addiction and I’m doing pretty well for now.

I would be glad to hear your thoughts and experiences.

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