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I’ve just read a one page document by Leo Babauta from titled 9 rules to form a habit. And guess what – I really liked his take on this and I decided to try this and form a new habit. One of the rules he points out is to commit publicly. He suggests that one should write about the habit he likes to form on a forum, blog, social network etc. So that’s exactly what I’m doing right now 🙂

First let me tell you what’s my desired habit and then what are some other rules Mr. Leo recommends to stick with.
So starting from tomorrow I will get up 10 minutes earlier every morning. I will put my pants on, go to bathroom, take an apple or some other fruit and sit in front of my notebook. I will eat that fruit and than I’ll work on one of my websites for 10 minutes. For those 10 minutes I could write some short post, bookmark a post I wrote earlier, comment on some other blog or anything else related.
What I want to accomplish is form a habit of starting every day by working on my projects for 10 minutes (at least).
What’s not allowed – checking emails, checking facebook, reading newspapers of reading some other random stuff.
What ever I do should be related to improving my websites (adding content or doing SEO).

When I tried to form a habit in the past I would start a bit more ambitious. Like, I would decide to work for one hour on something every day. I could do that for few days but than something would interfere and things would go back to usual. That’s why I think his rule to “start small” and “commit to just 10 minutes a day” is spot on. 10 minutes sound like nothing, right? But that’s why it actually works, I guess.
Other mistake I’ve done in the past is that I would try to implement several habits all at once. My focus would be dispersed and again, I would quickly go back to usual.
“Only one habit” is the first rule he writes about.

Other rules:
write your plan – just did that
find a trigger – right after I wake up
report progress – will report my progress here
motivate yourself with a reward – hm, I’ll think of something
be positive – I’m positive alright! 🙂

That’s it for now. I would recommend you check out Leo’s post about New Year’s resolutions (you’ll find the 9 rules document there) and try this yourself!

ps. I’ll probably write my progress in the comments below

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  1. Doing good so far 🙂
    Ironically, the more I work it seems like less i got back, but I know it’s just temporarily

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