How to Get What You Want

Personal development

How many times did you decide to pursue a specific goal only to find yourself few days later watching South Park instead of working on your tasks? If something similar happened to you in the past then you have to watch this brilliant presentation on the topic of achieving success.
Basically, author explains that we have to keep in check 5 things when working on our goals and getting what we want.

The first thing is that the goal has to be important to us. We have to be passionate about it. That will drive us through the rough times and propel us to stick with it.
Secondly, our goal has to be clear. Vague goals will end in vague results.
Also, we have to have a strong reason why we want to achieve this.
Forth thing we need is belief. Belief in ourself and the feeling that we can make this happen.
Final thing is practical and that’s being commited. Doing the chores everyday. Sticking with it.

The whole presentation is under 10 minutes and it’s totally on point. Watch it today!

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