How to stop thinking negatively

Personal development

In life we endure our fair share of good times and bad times.When the good time come around everything is fine an dandy.When the bad times or bad things come around we are hard wired to think negatively almost all the time.

Today I will help you make a breakthrough mentally so you can be prepared for when negative thoughts come around.

5 tips to stop thinking negatively

Meditate-Okay I know some might get angry and say meditation is stupid but it actually works. Studies show that if you just take 10 minutes to meditate everyday it can put your mine at ease.

When I say at ease I mean let go of stress, eg. from your spouse if he or she is getting on your nerve. You could meditate in order to stop worrying about your outstanding bills just to free your mind and get negative thoughts out of your head.

Ways to meditate-When the term meditation is thrown around people usually  think of you sitting on the floor in a egypt meditation style humming loudly.This is a good way to meditate but for those who think this is kind of lame there are alternatives.


  • Listen to music-Positive uplifting music only
  • Take a walk-Not a competitive quick walk.Walk slowly and breathe in and out
  • Clean your house-Studies show that when your in a dirty enviroment you are more than likely to think negative.So try to clean up a little

Develop a spiritual life-Some take prayers for granted but if you develop a spirtual life with god sometimes you get to see things in a different light and it turn negative thinking into positive

Look at the positives-People in generally always only think about the nevative.Try thinking positive for once.

Combine what you’ve learnt-I know that meditation isn’t for everyone that why I came up with 5 ways to give you options. Hopefully you can combine what you have learnt.

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