If life is a game these are the rules

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If life is a game these are the rules
Author: Dr. Cherie Carter-Scott
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If life is a game these are the rules is a #1 New York Times bestseller that is offering readers some understandable and useful advice that can easily be applied to a number of situations. This book can be described as a series of life lessons that can help anyone to have a different outlook, handle setbacks and realize their full potential.

Dr. Cherie Carter-Scott
is the author of this bestseller. Over the last twenty-five years, she has worked with more than 200,000 individuals across the world. As a consultant and trainer, her work involves teaching individuals The Ten Rules For Being Human. To date, Cherie has written a total of four books with an underlying theme that can provide motivation for persons to make life changes.

From the beginning, “If life is a game these are the rules” has become a handbook of life for persons who want to achieve success. The principles in the book can be really beneficial, whether you want to learn, accept responsibility, deal with problems or build self-esteem.

To help you to understand what to expect when reading, you can find a brief summary of the ten rules that is covered in the book:

This is probably one of the best self-help books available today, it’s easy to read and contains stories that anyone can relate to. If Life is a Game is really about listening, honoring and trusting your inner voice or knowing.

Rule 1: Looks at your body and how you can learn from it. Whether you choose to reject or accept it, love or hate it, you will only receive one body in your lifetime.

Rule 2:
Some life lessons will be presented. You will be enrolled in an informal school full-time where you are given a chance to learn a new lesson each day.

Rule 3: Absolutely no mistakes in life, only lessons. Your growth will involve a series of occasional victories as well as trials and errors. You will discover how to choose a new path after failed experimentation and redirect your energy on tomorrow which is another day.

Rule 4: Lessons are repeated until they are learned.  You will learn how to identify, acknowledge and release your patterns by creating a plan that is realistic and making a commitment to change negative choices and thoughts to celebrate the success of new and better thought pattern.

Rule5: Once you are in your body and have life, learning never ends. The lessons might change as time passes, but will never end. You will get to live in the present and enjoy life as soon you can embrace and rejoice in this knowledge.

Rule 6: It’s all about life journeys and never the outcome. When one goal is accomplished, you will come up with more goals and topics to work on. You will learn how to enjoy the journey and appreciate what you have.

Rule 7: How you react to others is actually a barometer of the way you see yourself. Others are mirrors of your life, reflecting aspects of your personality or hurts that you need to forgive and love.

Rule 8: How you live and what you accomplish is all up to you. Most individuals transform life’s misfortune into success.

Rule 9: The answers lie in you, but have to learn how to listen, look and trust your inner voice. If you are not listening to that voice it will become louder and stronger, at times giving you a path that is filled with hardships to let you know that you going in the wrong direction.

Rule 10: Everything is forgotten at birth. Whenever you feel trapped, you have to find ways to remember your truth.

If life is a game these are the rules is a must-have book for everyone. You should definitely read this book if you have a true to desire to change your life!

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