Importance of keeping a journal – and reviewing it

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This is something that was talked about over and over again, by so many life coaches and motivational speakers. I can remember that Jim Rohn really emphasizes this simple yet powerful little tool in his courses and speeches. As Jim says: a life worth living is a life worth recording.
When I say a journal, I don’t think of writing all the boring stuff you’ve been doing that day and with whom, but recording interesting, inspiring ideas, taking notes from books you’ve read, audio books, presentations or lectures you’ve heard or attended.
I, of course, had listened to Jim’s advice and started keeping journal of neat ideas, quotes etc. But I’ve made two mistakes –
1) I rarely reviewed it
2) I stopped keeping it

Well, the first one seemed so obvious that I guess Jim forgot to mention that (or he did but I don’t remember it). I would write down some great ideas, but as I wouldn’t review my journal I would forgot too many of them.
And secondly, without any special reason, I just got little lazy and would write less and less, until I just stopped writing.

Well, recently I found my old journal. I started reading it and got really impressed. So many great ideas I wrote inside – and I forgot about them!

Great thoughts that got lost. Where would I’ve been now if I had followed through, I asked myself.

Well, don’t make my mistake. Keep a journal. Review it.

And me?
Well, I’m back on the track, of course! I wiped out the dust from my journal and started writing again. But this time I am reviewing it every week. And it feels great! It really inspires me.

Give it a try if you haven’t already!

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