Never give up doing, but give up wanting

Personal development

There are some common traps that many of us fall into while striving to achieve our goals. Some quit before any results happen and the other ones settle with less than they wanted. We can put both of these under a common denominator and that is “quitting too early”. How does that happen?
It can be that we’ve had to high expectations. When one sees that he can’t achieve something easily, he blames the method, he blames the bad luck, he says ‘this is probably not for me’ and quits.
One can avoid this by using the eating the elephant approach. How could one eat the elephant? By eating one small piece at the time.
Therefore, we should also divide our goals into several small ones. That way we can track our progress more easily. Also, small achievements will probably motivate us to go further and continue with our efforts.

As we make some progress, sometimes we hit a plateau when we feel that we can’t go any further. We try and try but it seems that we’re stuck. Maybe one starts to feel tired and starts comforting himself – “well, this may be the best that I can get. Some didn’t even get this far. I’m way better than the average Joe”. And he settles with less, discouraged and never completely satisfied.
To be honest, I was that guy before. Whether, it was about my training, my love life or my career, I did better than average, but still not reaching my potential.
After some time, staying on the same level, I would become little frustrated. Due to this frustration what once was a pleasant activity became a struggle because I was too much outcome dependent. Eventually I would give less and less sweat and got farther away from my goals.

What helped me, was to give up wanting results. I enjoy working out, meeting people, working on my business. I am certain that my efforts will pay me back, but they will not make me happy. What’s important is the person I’m becoming, not the results. So, I choose to be satisfied with any outcome, I decide to do my work and my activities regularly because I enjoy them. I feel more satisfied, regardless on the results, and of course I receive more.

Don’t give up doing, but give up wanting results.

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