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Author: V.J. Smith
Pages: 96
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Richest man in town by V.J. Smith overview

Richest man in town is a simple and true story about a simple man. Author V.J. Smith looked for inspiration in great historic leaders who changed the course of history. He wanted to find out what made their lives great. Yet he find his inspiration in Marty, simple man who ran a cash register in the Wal-Mart shop in South Dakota.
Marty Martinson inspired numberless people through his basic life lessons. His influence was so dramatic that his talent was analyzed by Fortune 500 companies and he was named a hero by the largest company in the world.
Not only do college students study his life, but ministers give sermons on his virtues, children write songs and poems about him and people stood in line just to feel his touch.
How is it possible that a man who ran a cash register in a discount store, who lived in a double-wide trailer home, never attended college or earned much money, made such an impact on others?
How did he become the richest man in town?

Well, you should watch the movie to find out 🙂 But let me give you a hint…he treated everyone with respect and dignity, regardless on the situation. He loved his wife, his family and his job. But most of all, Marty was grateful for all things in his life.

The lesson which this book teach us is that it isn’t about your position in life that matters, but choosing to do what matters most in life counts.

What others say about this book

“This very quick reading book has the punch of a freight train at full throttle. If you want true success this is a must read for everyone. The simple truths from a simple man could change your business, change your life!”

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“Those who deal with the public should definately read this book, but everyone (male or female) will benefit from it. Not only will you enjoy the read….but gain a renewed sense of relationships & life! Even if you are not looking for inspiration, it’s written so that you can’t put it down.”

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