The Ultimate Anti-Carrer Guide by Rick Jarow

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The Ultimate Anti-Career Guide: The Inner Path to Finding Your Work in the WorldI started listening to this audio book by Rick Jarow few days ago and I’m already half way through. The audio book is very engaging and I had several “aha moments”.
If you wondering if you’re on the wrong track with your career I’m pretty sure this book will intrigue you, make you question your position and rethink about your job and your choices.
Rick Jarow has a very interesting biography. Quickly after getting into Harvard he left the University and moved to another part of the world. He has spent 7 years traveling through Europe and India. In India he have been introduced to yogic disciplines and meditational arts. After seven years he returned to the states and finished a doctoral program at Columbia University, receiving a Ph.D. in Indian Languages and Literatures.
That was not his only trip to India. He went back there again on a Fulbright research grant to study Indian mythology.
After returning home for the second time, he connected with renowned healers -Hilda Charlton and Cuban shamanic healer Orestes Valdes, and famous astrologist Eleanor Bach.
With time Rick’s own astrological healing and counseling practice work evolved into his now famous alternative “anti-career” workshops.

As you could expect from a person with such background this book is filled with Indian philosophy and takes a holistic approach of discovering your vocation. For example, the author takes the system of Chakras and transcends it into a model of discovering your career.
Unorthodox approach, which I liked.

Throughout the course there are many meditative techniques designed to help you get in touch with your subconsciousness and discover your path.

If you check out this audio-book on Amazon, you’ll see that there are only 5-star ratings for this book.
Here are a few of the comments from real customers on Amazon:

“Rick goes well beyond the typical career change guides and focuses on what you want at a fundamental level. He uses the Indian 7 chakras model as a guide to understanding your purpose and freeing your energy.”

“I have read and listened to many self-improvement books, speakers, and career development guides, but only this one connects what I truly am as a person including my history to what my destiny is in my life’s work.”

This program has shaken me out of the doldrums of feeling stuck in my present work situation and has opened my mind to some exciting new ideas

To conclude, here is one powerful idea from the book: “When you’re are following your hearts calling, you are giving the greatest gift you can give to the future.”

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