Walk the talk by Eric Harvey & Steve Ventura

Personal development

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Authors: Eric Harvey and Steve ventura
Pages: 112
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Walk the talk overview

Walk the talk is a leadership development book which promotes a culture of integrity in your company or organization. It is packed with nuggets of wisdom for just about any person, or any corporation, which will make sure your values are in line with your dreams.

Having values is important, but it is even more important, to live by those values. We all need to learn to “Walk the Talk”, which is always one of our greatest challenges.

Business consultants and best selling authors, Eric Harvey and Steve Ventura have written an easy to read book that is filled with inspirational and life changing insights. They organized the book around five main principles:

1. Words to live by are just words unless you actually live by them.
2. You are what you do.
3. Everything you do counts.
4. The “Golden Rule” is still pure gold.
5. Character is the key.

What others say about the Walk the talk book

“This book was a very easy read and supplied many thoughts concerning how we need to go about building relationships with one another.”

“My manager has read this book and has now ordered several more for a team that she was a part of.”

“I was expecting a book with more substance that would help me handle unhappy customers.”

“If you like to read inspirational books, you will love this book. The primary theme of this book is to develop the courage of not just talking about a goal or objective, but to actually take the steps needed to achieve your goal or objective.”

-actual customer comments from amazon.com

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