What to Expect From Hiring the Right Life Coach

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1. Redesign your life to maximize fulfillment.

A life coach should be able to prioritize a client’s fulfillment at the top of the list. You ought to be fulfilled in all aspects of life- fun, chores, travel, relationships, and work. Therefore, when you gravitate towards life coaching, you expect the coach to aid you to create a soulfully fulfilling life you have always dreamt about.

2. Get clarity

A Life Coach will help you explore options to discover what you really want in life and focus on what you love. On-going-basis coaching helps you to get and stay clear about the goals and the direction you want to head to. Symbolically, a dedicated life coach helps you separate emotional wheat from the chaff.

3. Accountability

The simple act of telling the life coach of your intentions makes a great difference in the outcome. When you engage an effective and result-oriented life coach, he/she will work with you in setting goals to achieve within the sessions.

It is a committed joint journey where the coach helps you set realistic, achievable and inspirational goals. For accountability to set precedence, the goals you set should be owned by you. Hence, if for some reason you are unable to meet the set goals, the coach will be there to ensure that they work with you in the subsequent sessions to see why you did not achieve the specific goal. In so doing, the coach helps you move forward.

4. Unbiased opinion

A life coach gives you unbiased observations or opinions about your life. Their input is always straightforward, unbiased and gives you a different perspective about your life. Unlike opinions or support from friends and family, we tend to listen better to outsiders. Your mother may outline your weakness/strengths but it is much clearer when it comes from a stranger. A life coach gets you to do things. A life coach’s goal is making you undertake massive actions. No stories. Its action and results.

5. Saves you time and you achieve faster results.

When trying to do something on your own, one tends to take the longest procedure and wastes time. This is because we do not know what path is ahead and what to expect. However, having a coach to speak to regularly gives you an edge on how to achieve your set goals.

What to consider when hiring the life coach

In order to achieve the above expectations, your coach should meet requisite requirements.

Coaching credentials

Even though coaching is an unregulated industry, just ask your life coach about their certifications – that indicate the levels of formal training they have undergone. Any serious life coach should have training from respectable coaching organizations like International Coaching Federation.

Coaching methodology

A skilled coach will:

  • Apply propriety and robust coaching methodology
  • Walk you through their coaching process
  • Define your challenges
  • Note where you are starting from and where you intend to reach

Take time and ask them if they have designed a defined process based on coaching-best-practices vis-à-vis using one-method-fit all coaching method. Also, ask your coach what forms their decision to choose a particular coaching methodology. Thereafter ask him about the best approach to honoring your individual needs. Lastly, examine the coach’s ethical commitment and considerations while coaching you.

Find out about their background

A great coach should have a solid background in human behavior especially in psychology or social work disciplines. Such background in human behaviors helps the coach guide you to shift your beliefs, attitudes, and perspective. If you are suffering from anxiety or depression for example, with the knowledge of human behavior, the coach will help you address these deeper issues.

Does the coach understand your concerns?

These questions help you evaluate the level of comfort with your coach. Does my coach inspire and motivate me in the sessions? Do I have a rapport with the coach?


Lastly, does the coach make you comfortable? Settle for a coach who has a connection with you. One who creates a comfortable and safe place for you to pour out your life.
Finding the right coach is an investment in your wellbeing and finding the right person leads to absolute transformation.


Signs That You Need a Life Coach
1. You need to boost your self-confidence
2. You feel lost
3. You doubt your capabilities
4. You no clear plan to execute your vision
5. You do not always follow through set goals
6. You want to quit your job
7. You want to improve your health
8. You love to procrastinate
9. You are susceptible to stress.

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