Condom sizes – choose the best size for you


different condom sizes
I’ve wrote about thick and thin condoms and how you should choose between them whether you want to increase or decrease the sensation.
However, I think it’s far more important that you choose the best condom size, because that will increase the effectiveness of a condom. As you know, there are various condoms with all kinds of characteristics but still the major purposes of a condom are to save you from sexual transmitted diseases and also save your partner from unwanted pregnancy.
However, if the condom is too small the chance of it’s breaking increases. On the other hand, if the condom is too big, it’s more likely that it will slip and endanger your safety.

Therefore, try to choose and use condoms that will be a good fit for your size.
Condoms can generally be put into three different categories, regarding their size:

  • Small condoms
  • Regular condoms
  • Large condoms

You should firstly measure yourself (I’m sure every male already did that in puberty) and than compare that with the average. If you don’t know, average penis size ranges from 5.1 to 5.9 inches in length and 4.85 inches in girth.

If you’re somewhere near those numbers than regular condoms should be a good fit for you. If you are below or above, than you can try smaller or larger condoms.

Below are few popular and trusted condoms grouped by it’s size:

Regular size condoms

Small condoms

Large condoms

I hope you’ll find a good fit for you within the above mentioned groups and thus enjoy a better and safer sex.
For a more detailed list of condoms with all the related sizes, check out the condom size chart.

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